Dreamscapes – Breath and Be

The Story Behind the voice

YEA Talent Record Audiobook for Children

By Kim Simpson

Dreamscapes – Breath and Be

Our client Dreamscapes had published a book called “Breath and Be” and was looking for a very special voice to narrate the book to children for an audible recording.

Date: April 4, 2019

Talent: Olivia Salerno

Director: Kim Simpson

Client: Dreamscapes

Aileen Wuornos Documentary – True Crime Series

The Story Behind the Voice

YEA Talent provide the voice of the serial killer Aileen Wuornos in a True Crime Documentary

By Kim Simpson

Aileen Wuornos Documentary True Crime Series

One of our film clients from Arrow Media, London, UK,  had a very special project they were working on.  They asked Kim Simpson to review the documentary and see if we had an artist that can match the voice of the serial killer Aileen Wuornos. The documentary was being used for a True Crimes – Serial Killers special for a primetime television series and they needed a really good voice artist to help out on the project.  YEA had the artist for sure, it was Vicki Thorn. Vicki is multi-talented for sure, an actress, model too, I knew she could do this hands down!  She was chosen right away. I told them Vicki could act in series too, if they needed her, she is ready, willing and fabulous!  Vicki recorded the script in two hours and rocked it first try, professional all the way.  Recorded in Solid Sound Studios in Ann Arbor and to be published in 2020.  IMDb Credits with this one. 
International YEA Credit – USA Artist Film Credits

Link to Documentary:

Date: March 25, 2019

Talent: Vicki Thorn

Recorded at: Solid Sound Studios in Ann Arbor, MI

AHC Hospitality – Amway Grand Plaza

The Story Behind the voice

YEA Talent can be heard in the Amway Grand Plaza

By Kim Simpson

AHC Hospitality – Amway Grand Plaza

One of our clients; Amway Grand Plaza, hired YEA Artist Michelle Hall for a wonderful voice over job. Her voice is the voice you hear when you turn on any television in the hotel and in the plaza area. Michelle’s soft, smooth, tone directs individuals from all over the world around the hotel plaza and keeps them informed.  What a pleasure it was working with this client, the artist and Solid Sound Studio, located in Ann Arbor.

Date: May 22, 2019

Talent: Michelle Hall

MI Christmas Album

The Story Behind the album

We brought together talented Michigan singers, songwriters, and the Detroit Children’s Choir in a new album of original and classic Christmas music.

By Kim Simpson


The Michigan Christmas Album project began earlier this year when featured recording artist, Marcell Whitfield, approached Your Entourage Agency, Inc. (YEA) with an idea to develop an album to promote local singing talent. Executive producer Kimberly Simpson greenlighted the project (with a holiday twist) and partnered with the DCC to help the organization generate awareness and showcase its performers.

Along with performances by the Detroit Children’s Choir, The Michigan Christmas Album includes original songs written and performed by artists Marcell Whitfield, Aspen Jacobsen, and Tyler Soncrainte.  Singers Noah Hardecki and Jayquan Curtis of the DCC are featured soloists.


Album Timeline and Shows

November 1 – Big Revel – Artist on Board
November 15 – Album Dropped – Worldwide
November 17 – Brighton Glow
December 1 – Noel Night – First Presbyterian Church
December 13 – U of M – Mott’s Children’s Hospital – Ali joined in
December 15 – Fox News – Aspen & Tyler


The Events

The Detroit Science Center Concert was a wonderful event filled with Christmas cheer. It was a special night at the center for special holiday displays and activities planned just for the kids. YEA was invited to add to the festivities with our talented Christmas Album Artist. Each artist sang their originals songs as well as some favorites, many from the crowd joined in singing.  It was a magical evening! 

Mott’s Children’s Hospital put on a Christmas holiday evening for all the sick kids that can’t go home during the holidays.  YEA was invited to sing along with special guest YEA Artist –  Ali McManus.  Ali can also be seen on the television series “The Doctors”. (the link is on YouTube) Ali played a new hit song called  “Unbreakable” from her newly released album.  Each Artist sang Christmas songs and played their instruments while the kids enjoyed every second.  For a moment, all worries and pain were forgotten by a full heart of joy. Presents and were given out to each child. All of YEA left with a huge present as well, we got to see all those kids having a good time and allowed us to appreciate our good health, family, and the love that was shared!  GREAT evening! Can’t THANKS enough, all who participated and helped in this effort. 

Album Credits:

DCC Chairpersons: John Joanette, Paola Marquez, Eric Taylor
YEA Chairpersons: Kimberly Simpson, Marcell Whitfield, Brad Baldner, Emily Knowles, Linda Culver
Executive Producer: Kimberly Simpson, Ian SImpson
Directors: Paola Marquez, Emily Knowles, Eric Taylor
Music Arrangements: Eric Taylor, Marcell Whitfield, Dan Belleville, Bruce Ling
Recording Studio: Tempermill
Photographers: Rex Arsich
Videographers: Collin Coon – Panamotions LLC., Jeremy Salo – CV Productions LLC.
Artist: Marcell Whitfield, Aspen Jacobsen, Tyler Soncrainte, Jayquan Curtis, Noah Hardecki

About the DCC

Committed to developing young leaders who will bring about positive change in our city, the Detroit Children’s Choir is comprised of 300, Southeast Michigan children, ages 8-18, who have a passion and love for singing. Our students receive an education in music literacy and vocal techniques, as well as, the opportunity to perform on stages across the Detroit metro area.  For more information visit, www.detroitchildrenschoir.org.

Date: Holiday 2019

Producers: Kimberly Simpson

Talent: Marcell Whitfield, Aspen Jacobsen, Tyler Soncrainte, Jayquan Curtis & Noah Hadecki

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