Christmas Coupon

The Story Behind the film

YEA Talent Performed in the movie of Christmas Coupon now on Amazon and Netflix

By Kim Simpson

Christmas Coupon

Large Screen Motion Picture – Hallmark Story – Filmed in Michigan!  Cute romance story during the Christmas season film exclusively in Michigan with Michigan actors.  YEA talent Sheena Monnin has a primary role and has her acting debut in this film, along with some YEA extra’s such as Eric, Brad & Brooke!  Some of the filming was none on Nixon Farms out of Dexter Michigan which made a perfect place for Christmas romance. With the soft snow falling, the barn scene was so beautiful and magical! 

Check it out, now available on Amazon & Netflix.

Date: Filmed 2018 with 2019 release

Exec. Producer: Daniel Knudsen –  Crystal Creek Media
Talent: Shenna Monnin, Eric Weber, Brad Baldner,  Brooke Baldner

Behind the Scenes

Bad Luck Bananas

The Story Behind the Film

YEA Talent Performed in the film Bad Luck Bananas

By Kim Simpson

Bad Luck Bananas

A short educational film on animation used to express new filming techniques for a Schoolcraft Film Project Expo.  Using special software Jeremy was able to make this creature come alive and give Miss Abby a scare for her life!  The old myth of bananas being BAD LUCK on a boat came true!  Schoolcraft College Professor/Director, Jeremy Salo, gives a demonstration to all at the premier about the film and the techniques he used to achieve all of the effects.   Kim Stricker, a famous fisherman on the weekly series “Pro Bass Fishing” on the “Outdoor Channel” plays along to make this short film a great adventure!

Date: Sept 2018

Producer: Jeremy Salo

Writer, Director & Editor: Jeremy Salo

Actors: Kim Sticker & Abigail Moore

CLV Productions, LLC