The Story Behind the Film

YEA Talent Performed in the film Bad Luck Bananas

By Kim Simpson

Bad Luck Bananas

A short educational film on animation used to express new filming techniques for a Schoolcraft Film Project Expo.  Using special software Jeremy was able to make this creature come alive and give Miss Abby a scare for her life!  The old myth of bananas being BAD LUCK on a boat came true!  Schoolcraft College Professor/Director, Jeremy Salo, gives a demonstration to all at the premier about the film and the techniques he used to achieve all of the effects.   Kim Stricker, a famous fisherman on the weekly series “Pro Bass Fishing” on the “Outdoor Channel” plays along to make this short film a great adventure!

Date: Sept 2018

Producer: Jeremy Salo

Writer, Director & Editor: Jeremy Salo

Actors: Kim Sticker & Abigail Moore

CLV Productions, LLC