Short Film Casting Call

Zenisphere Films

The Award-Winning crew of Zenisphere Films is casting for their next short film. Shooting will take place in mid September 2012 in metro Detroit.

Available Roles:

  • LIZ: (Female- appears 16-18 y/o): Strong willed, morally right. Liz is the smarter younger sister of our main character. She is there for her brother who is dealing with some awful dilemmas.

  • AUBREY: (Female-appears 16-18 y/o): Flirty, Flaky, but a good time. Aubrey is LIZ’s best friend.

  • MYLES: (Male- appears 16-18 y/o): Friend of Liz, scrawny

  • MOM: (Female- appears 40s-50s): Devastated by events that take place, actress must be able to cry on cue.

  • DAD: (Male- appears 40s-50s): Stern, stays strong for his family in a time of crisis

  • PSYCHIATRIST: (Male- appears mid 50s): Bored with his job to the point of negligence, indulges main character in a harsh, but real way.


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please notify us at and email your headshot and resume to: