We are looking for 3 plus size female models. This is the info for the Level 10 Grand Opening Extravaganza on May 11, 2013. There is also a required rehearsal  on the 10th.


Thank you for participating in the Level 10 Grand Opening Extravaganza on May 11, 2013. As a model participating in the show here are some vital things that are needed from you to make the show and your participation a success:

Pre- show:

•We will have one run through on Friday May 10th at 5pm on location at the Russell Bazarr 1600 Clay St. Detroit MI 48211

•Please send me your sizes, the tops come in sizes Sm. -3XL.

•I will also need a picture or link to your Facebook page. This will help me prepare the looks for the show.

Day of Show:

•Come with hair wash and blow dried, a stylist will be on location. If you have a hair weave please be sure it is neatly done and not loose or old looking. The stylist will not tighten any weaves. The stylist will only curl and style hair.

•Bring your own foundation to be applied, the stylist will provide all other product.

•Please arrive to Russell Bazarr at 2 pm.

•You will need to bring a pair of Blue Jeans and Black Jeans (Skinny, Straight leg, Shorts, or Capris). Please make sure they are fashionable if you are in question please text me a picture.

•Please bring a nude pair and black pair of heel.


•Models will be paid $20.00 to participate in the show.

•Models will receive a 35% discount on clothing if they choose to buy the merchandise and agree not to wear it until the day of the show if it goes with your look for the show.

•Please email us at YourEntourageAgency@gmail.com stating you accept and will participate in the Level 10 Extravaganza, and will be available during the practice day: May 10th 5-8 pm and the show day May 11th 2-8 pm.