Calling all Models:

Special photo shoot taking place on Feb. 11, 2012 @ our studios located at 28389 Beck Rd., Unit J-2, Wixom, MI 48393

Time: 3pm – 6pm


Models must come prepped and ready for the shoot. We will do just the final touches here before shoot.


Attire: In our professional black attire, ladies: Pencil skirts, fitted T or tank, black high heels.  Bring some accessories, blk hat, blk jacket, scarfs, sunglasses,  long necklaces, etc. Men: Black dress pant, black dress shoes, Black fitting T’s ,tank, or dress shirt. Bring some accessories like sunglasses, blk leather jackets, dress coat, hats, scarfs, etc. Show some style, bring some things to mix it up a bit.


This is going to be a high-key shoot, white on white, with all black attire. These maybe black & white photo’s ultimately, not sure yet. I want to use these to advertise the businesses and you guys! I want to show everyone who we are…U!  This is not a paid shoot, sorry.  This one is for us, so I am looking for some really good pic’s for us to use. I want to use these to advertise us everywhere!! If you have the time for a shoot, and want to have some fun, let me know, email me at I need to book around 6 – 8 female & male models for each shoot  Can you help us out?