University of Michigan Student Film Casting

Casting actors for a short University of Michigan student film. This is a 30-minute film as part of independent study through the Screen Arts and Culture department. The film is called “Workers of the Digital Harvest” and it is about 3 brothers in very different jobs– arts, physical labor and office work. The film is about how “work” is defined in our society and what people think about their own jobs as well as others’.

Available Roles:

  • Phil:(age 24) An office worker who will go over the Course of the story from a schlub who isn’t particularly happy to work where he is, to someone who sees the potential in all work.

  • Gregory: (age 22) A farmer who bought his own farm. He is trying to fix his equipment in time for planting season.

  • Aaron: (age 30) An author who is having writer’s block on his last work, but his publisher still demands the book.

  • Olivia: (age 25) Phil’s girlfriend. She’s a teacher at a local high school. She also lives with Phil.

  • Annabelle: (age 19) Gregory’s wife. She finished high school with honors, but like Gregory decided to go into the farm life. She prides herself on being well read. She is expecting their first child, and they just had one of those fights that couples have.

  • Caroline: (age 27) A sales rep at a downtown firm. Aaron takes a liking to her and tries to flirt with her. She will be as his muse, when he succeeds at impressing her, he finds the inspiration to finish his book.

  • Hank: (age 35) Aaron’s publisher.

  • Isaac: (age 23) Phil’s friend at work, he doesn’t ever finish the arch that Phil does.


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us at and email your headshots and resume to: