Real Entertainment Films and KJ Post Productions will be holding an open casting call for the highly anticipated film Why Do Men Cheat on March 5th in Oak Park, MI. They are looking to fill male and female roles ranging from 20-50 years of age.

Audition Details

March 5th, 2011 from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Star Factory
13305 Capital
Oak Park, MI

Available Roles:

  • Jason: 25+. Caucasian. Married to Natalie, has one child (Nyla) with her. Cheating with Sarah. Loves Natalie but hates her job as an FBI agent. He begins an affair and justifies it to himself because he is tempted and lacking the affection he needs at home from Natalie. He is terrified of his wife because of her short temper. He is a good guy gone bad. (Sneaky, affectionate, and selfish, comes off like the nice guy.)
  • Jeffrey: 25+. Any/Ethnic. Married to Samantha, having a pretend affair. (Jeffrey is having a pretend affair with Samantha to keep the fire going in their relationship, but doesn’t realize how hot his wife can get. He is the quiet guy except for those who know him well. Jokester, all business when he needs to be, honest, the peacemaker. He is an exhibitionist but doesn’t realize this until Samantha brings it out of him. Loyal, smart. He has a quiet sexiness about him but seems oblivious to this. This is part of his allure.)
  • Samantha: 25. Any/Ethnic. Married to Jeffrey. The two pretend to carry on an affair to keep the relationship fresh and interesting.(Sexy, nosey, daring, affectionate. Her sex appeal is exuded in everything she does. Having an affair with Jeffrey who is later revealed to be her husband. The two use role playing to keep their relationship interesting.)
  • Sarah: 20 and up. Caucasian. Having an Affair with Jason. (Affectionate, vindictive, sexy. Thinks that she is in a serious relationship with Sam, only to find out that she is the side chick.)
  • Michelle: 30. Black Very Beautiful. Pregnant by Chop Richardson (fiancée). (Witty, humorous, trusting. In love with Chop, but finds out he is not the man she thought he was, and leaves him.)
  • Stacey: 20 and up. Ethnic or Black. Chop Jump-off, who sneaks into house and gets naked. (Sexy, naughty. She is not necessarily a gold digger but she will take the pay off for the “inconvenience”. Strong personality, pushy in her mind nothing is over until she decides it is.)
  • Tiffany: 20 and up. Black. Another one of Chop’s women. They stopped dating 3 months prior. (Bitter, rowdy She psychoanalyzes everyone, especially Chop. Although she is angry with Chop, she knows that he is the person that really has more issues to deal with than herself. Her personality and presentation vacillates between classy and educated and street. She’s a verbal assassin that might also pistol whip you.)
  • Cece: African-American. 20s. Tiffany’s friend. Very ghetto and rowdy. She is the ride or die type of friend, that also be an instigato
  • Debra: African-American. 20s. Tiffany’s friend who is the rational thinker for Tiffany. She is the balance between Cece nonchalantness and Tiffany’s anger towards Chop.
  • Meko: Ethnic/African-American. Trashy groupie with a plot to make a come up anyway she can. Very sexy.
  • Tiara: Any Ethnicity. Groupie friends with Meko.
  • Boss: 45-up. Male of Any Ethnicity
  • Chantay: Michelle’s sister. African-American, looks to be early 30’s. Looking for Mr. Right, but can’t help but to find Mr. Right Now. Funny, Quirky. Your average sister-girl.
  • Shannon: Caucasian. Early 30s. Incredible naive and unrealistic about relationship. Slightly a dingbat.
  • Camille: Any Ethnicity. Married and has a “Holier than thou” attitude despite the fact that her husband only married her because she was pregnant. She tends to be preachy.
  • Pamela: (COULD BE COMEDIAN) Appears late 40s early 50s. The quintessential “Cougar”. She is completely over sexed, and everything about her exudes sex including her clothes & he demeanor.
  • Laurie: Early 30s. Gold digger who believes that nothing good came come of or from a man except tangibles. She is a couture dresser, designer everything.
  • Jennifer: Appears to be in her mid 20s. Very proper. Everything to her is about the dollars and cents. Basically runs her men through a carfax before she starts dating them, hence the reason why she is single.
  • Devon: Appears to be early 30s. African-American. (George McKenney?) Gay man. Very attractive, has all the jokes.
  • Tim: (Comedian)-He believes nothing is wrong with getting married and it is the single man who is on the losing side. He believes have consistency is key, your woman is on demand for sex, cooking, etc.
  • Will: (Comedian) He is the marital cynic. Believes when you get married your life & sex as you know it is over.
  • Dre: (Comedian) He is the storyteller. Gives all the info on how getting married ruins your life, and he has the stories to prove it.
  • Ayesha: Appears to be 20s. Thicker girl. African-American. A little ghetto fabulous. B’s baby mama. Naive about the reality of her and B’s relationship. Doesn’t realize that she is in a one sided relationship and blames herself for what is going on between the two. Low-self esteem.
  • Diamond: Ayesha’s friend who is a stripper. Ghetto fabulous, with a foul mouth. Doesn’t takes crap from anyone. Hates B, and thinks her girl (ayesha) is stupid for putting up with his antics.
  • Beautiful B Girl: Ethnic/African-American. Beautiful girl with B shopping.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please attend the audition on March 5th. For more information or questions please email Janaya Black at:

NOTE: Interested parties should come camera ready with a head shot and resume and should be prepared to perform a one minute monologue. If selected, applicants will be interviewed and filmed during the casting call.

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