West MI Short Film, ”Lucky” Now Casting

has had bad luck all his life – making it hard for him to keep thinking
positively – until he meets Felix. Finding themselves sharing a jail cell for a
night, the two share stories and start to see things in a different light.
Maybe Lucky really is lucky after all.

Felix – Lead – 20s – Felix is extremely happy. He smiles all the time, to the
point if making people uncomfortable. He is always positive, and a little

Ava – Lead –  20-25 years old – Very cute, and caring. Once she hits Lucky
with her car, there is an immediate connection. She is one if the sweetest
people you will ever meet.

Delilah – 20-25 years old – Lucky’s Ex girlfriend. She seems like a decent
enough girl, until she sees Lucky with Ava, then you see her true colors as the
jealous, deceiving ex girlfriend.

Marty – Lucky’s friend who is extremely hyper and high strung and caring.

COMPENSATION – Payment for the Lead roles. Everyone else will receive a copy of
the DVD, meals on set and imdb credit!

Shooting will take place in West Michigan.

Please send headshots and resume to luckyshortfilm@yahoo.com