Vampirism Bites Second Season Casting

Vampirism Bites Casting Call

Comedy web series “Vampirism Bites” is moving into its second season, and is re-casting the role of “Belle”. The audition will be on by invite at Algonac, MI, where auditioners will read with series regulars to determine best chemistry. Those invited will be given sides to memorize in an email, and the audition will be scheduled at the best time for auditioners and regular cast, as soon as possible.

Available Roles:

  • BELLE: is the vampire fangirl who was turned into a vampire, only to learn that real vampire life is nothing like advertised. Life may have sucked, but Vampirism Bites.

This is a re-casting: as such, we’re looking for brunette or red-headed (which matches an alternate plot point to the season if cast) actresses ages 20-30 that have a good memory and are interested and capable of being the central character to the show.

  • We will give extra consideration to actresses that are 5′6 to 5′10″ tall, which is close to the original actress’ height, but we’re looking for the strongest talent overall; so shorter actresses WILL be considered if their performance and chemistry with series regulars is strong enough.

  • We will give extra consideration to actresses that have stage combat and/or martial arts experience, but this is not a requirement.

Work Rate & Compensation:

Belle’s whole season work is only 2.5 non-consecutive days in St. Clair County during June, with one extra day potentially for cast promotional photography. Belle appears in 90% of the Second Season’s episodes. Shooting schedule will be written around cast availabilities.

Pay will be copy, credit, meals and promotion.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us at and email a copy of your resume, headshot, and if available online, acting reel to: