Seed Time and Harvest Productions

"Under The Influence" Stageplay

Seed Time and Harvest Productions is casting actors for the stageplay “Under The Influence”.


“Under The Influence” is a powerful, inspirational story about three young men who have aspirations of becoming doctors, but the influence of their surroundings leads them down a self-destructive path that will lead them to either jail or death. They decide to somehow find a way to become positive influences around each other. With that, they have found an invaluable friendship that helps them motivate each other to accomplish their dreams. This is a story of Friendship, Perseverance and Hope and it is also a story about the power of positive influences.

Available Roles:

  • Michelle: She is a college girl who all the guys like, but surprisingly she falls for an the unlikely and quirky Marcus. She is eventually involved in a big misunderstanding that eventually breaks Marcus’ heart.

  • Cameron’s Friend: A high school best friend of Cameron’s. He was a negative influence on Cameron and he is stuck in his ways of the street and tries to get Cameron involved in sone dangerous things.

  • Sean’s Friend: A high school friend of Sean’s who gets Sean Marcus and Cameron involved in a dangerous scuffle.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please notify us at and email a headshot and resume to: