Casting 1 Child and 3 Adult Actors

WhiteShore Films

WhiteShore Films is looking to cast actors for a 15 minute short film. They will be shooting up near Silver Lake, Hart, and Ludington area from May 23rd to May 26th, 2012. People can arrive at their lodging in the evening of May 22.


“The Taker” is about a man who prepares himself to protect his family from the Taker the next time it comes around to harm his family. The Taker is a fantasy/thriller, 15 minute short film. There is much grief in this film, which is balanced with joy. There are also darker elements, which are balanced by beauty. “The Taker” is going to be an outreach for men to stand up and protect their families from hostilities outside, to have the courage to do so. This movie will also show families to stay strong for each other, especially in the hard times.

Available Roles:

  • JOSHUA: (25-34 years old) He is a strong man, willing to protect his family to the death. He is very determined and strong-willed, and hates defeat. He seeks a quiet, peaceful life, away from the villages, where he suffered much at the hands of the country government. He wants to protect his family from the ways of the outside world, which is why they move to the Valley, where other peace-seekers come to live. Physically fit, strong, with a hard look in his eye.
  • KARA: (25-34 years old) She is a strong woman, though she often leaves her grief locked up in her own heart. When she lost Lana, her grief spills from her, though she tried to not let that happen. She didn’t really want to move to the Valley, because she likes the village life. But because Joshua decided that was best, she went with him as a faithful wife. Physically fit, a slight sadness on her face, even when there’s joy.
  • JANE: (12-15 years old) She misses her sister when she loses her. They were twins and best friends. Jane is a very positive and happy girl, even after Lana dies. She believes everything has a purpose. She tries to be a comfort to her mother and father as they struggle with the loss. Happy, physically fit, go-lucky. Cheerful. (Parent is required to be with child)
  • DAN: (35-45 years old) Dan is Kara’s brother. He moves to the Valley to be near his family. He is a lonely man, and even though he likes being near his family, there’s still a part of him that misses the village life. Not as fit as the rest of the cast, but still not obese. A kindly look about him.


These are not paid roles. Housing and food will be provided for cast.

How to Apply:

If you want to join our cast, please notify us at and email your headshot and resume to:

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.