Casting Call for Lead Female Actor

Casting a lead female actor for the feature action/adventure film, The Stone Sisters: Exodus. Filming begins May 26th so please send in applications immediately.


Rachel and Julie Stone are world-renowned treasure seekers and protectors. Their late father taught them to fight for what is right and to protect history. However, this does not mean the girls get along. One is a fighter and independent, the other a beautiful brainiac with a sense of style. Lately it is becoming harder for them to work together. A mission from their old mentor forces them back together to find the sword of Joshua, leader of the Israelites. This mystery leads them on a quest to discover what really happened to their father and their own destinies. Filled with dangers, booby traps, mercenaries, and power struggles the Stone sisters must come together or perish.

Available Roles:

  • Julie “Jules” Stone (lead role): (tan skinned, black or brown hair, 4ft to 5ft 4in, 18-24 years old, dresses very fashionably) Jules is the brains of the family operation. She graduated from the University of Chicago with a graduate in archeology and is widely regarded as one of the up and coming members in the field. Her work follows in her fathers footsteps of preserving historical artifacts and consulting museums around the world. She is super intelligent but when it comes to the regular world she is sometimes naive. She loved seeing the world with her family, and immediately embraced the socialite lifestyle and all its perks. She is all about dressing fashionably and at times can be very girly. This frustrates her sister to no end. She often sides with her mother that Rae needs to find a man to tame her, but Jules also suffers her mothers nagging since she has not had much more success in love than Rae.


Currently this is a non-paid role, but will give a hungry young actress a feature role on her resume.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please notify us at and email your headshot and resume to: