Mantis and Moon Moving Pictures and Sound Auditions

Mantis and Moon is currently casting for a full length feature film to be shot in Sylvania Ohio/Bogota Colombia. Sylvania is very near the border between Michigan and Ohio. Auditions will be held on May 3rd and May 4th.

Audition Details:

Auditions will be held at the Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce (5632 N. Main St, Sylvania Ohio 43560). Park in the parking lots behind the row of buildings in which the chamber is located. The parking lot is basically directly across from the Rite-Aide on the corner of Monroe and Summit street. Auditions will be held from 5:00pm-8:00pm.  The cast is weighted more towards 40-60 year olds, but all actors are welcome to audition anyway!


The story of The Society is built on two sub themes, one a hard hitting legal battle over a company’s broken promise, the other a love story between a North American man and South American woman. The legal drama unfolds, from the corporate promises made to an eager 25 year old, through the range of emotions that come, with the disappointment, of being let down by those that you believed in and trusted at the age of 45.

The two stories become entangled as the two lovers struggle with the social, cultural, and theological differences separating them. How they endure, learn, and rise above those differences brings out the love story.The love story tempers the legal drama, and the legal drama validates the love story. As the lines, which have become increasingly blurred, separating, right from wrong, justice from corruption, become more and more clear, their unfaltering love finds its way.

Available Roles:

Principal Characters

  • Gregory C. Hill Jr. (Protagonist) – Caucasian Male, Young Greg – Age 25. Good natured, sensitive, straight forward A Midwestern farm boy turned Philosophy Major/Musician out on the west coast. He has hitch-hiked the world and is kind like his mom, he is shy yet adventurous.
  • Middle Age Greg – Age 45, Good natured, honest, straight forward, competitive, aggressive, while still sensitive. He has built a small and successful company. He is not a smooth talking salesman in anyway. Hard knocks and his belief in personal responsibility have toughened his skin and resolve, while he remains that philosophy major we met 20 years ago. The best way to describe Greg is, that he takes his 4 wheel drive Ford F350 to get shotgun shells for a hunting trip on his way to Bikram Yoga.
  • Gregory C. Hill Sr. – Caucasian Male. Younger Gregory Sr. – Age 50. Successful salesmen, old school businessman, loyal, X-College football player, extremely competitive. He’s a nose to the grind stone kind of guy. He is not a smooth talking salesman in anyway, more like a hammer looking for a nail. He is much more comfortable using hunting or fishing analogies than some mind boggling sales pitch and many of these can seem quite abrupt if not downright inappropriate.
  • Older Hill Sr. – Age 65. Frustrated and bitter, with his health declining we see a marked difference from when we first met him. He is still not only unwilling but truly unable to accept or show his weaknesses.
  • Richard Strong – Caucasian Anglo-Saxon protestant, Younger Richard Strong – Age 55. President of the Society, he is tall, handsome, stately, old school and charismatic. He could be from the South, confident, friendly and a great speaker. He reminds us of that real nice uncle.
  • Older Richard Strong – age 80, Now X-President of the Society. Righteous, indignant, entitled. His full head of grey hair still looks exactly the same as it did when we met him at 50, you would swear it was a wig. His charisma hasn’t waned when it is needed.
  • Timothy Allen O’Neil – Male Caucasian Age 45, Accountant (one of the main characters closest friends).
    A Midwestern country boy, soft spoken, kind, innocent, trusting and thoughtful, Tim has an undying faith in the goodness of people, some of it for good reason some for the sake of not wanting to face a certain truth, which might require some growing up. He owns his own accounting office on Main Street in the local town he grew up just on the outskirts of. A hand shake was a contract where he grew up and, as far as he could recall, there had never been a violent crime.
  • Timothy O’Neil Sr. – Male Caucasian – Age 65, Board member for the Society
  • Mark Wagner – Male Caucasian, Younger Mark Wagner – age 30. CFO Chief Accountant for the Society. He is dark hared and handsome, dresses impeccably; he looks like perfect corporate material, quiet but friendly and always pays attention. He is a company man all the way.
  • Older Mark Wagner – 50, President of the Society. Arrogant, cunning, calculating, convinced he can talk his way out of anything; he loves to hear the sound of his own voice. His patronizing words seem to pour out as soft as silk still the disdain, for what he considers the common folk, can’t be hidden. It seems the nerves of the Mark we met 30 years ago, have long since disappeared.
  • Michael Spence – Male Caucasian – Age 50-60 (light color hair), Vice President of the Society. CPA – accounting background, shy not many words, in love with Mark Wagner’s ideas and persona, small in size, blushes easily, nice family nice guy highly misguided.
  • Orville Hoffner – (New President Elect of the Society) Age (50-60) years of age. He has already been promoted three levels above his abilities, false, horrible salesman as he can never be genuine enough for anyone to actually believe him. good father and good husband, lousy businessman, More into skiing and other extracurriculars than dealing with his responsibilities.
  • Claudia – (Greg’s love interest) Latina Female (25-30) years of age

The Society – Board of Directors

  • Donald Mallet – (Chairman and senior member of the Board of Directors) Male (55-65) years of age
  • Susan Voight – Female Caucasian- age 40 to 50, Society Board member. She is an ex-cheerleader who never made prom queen, Angry, frustrated, bitter and vindictive, it’s all been downhill since then. She is a petite woman you might even say wiry. Her laughter is stressed and her smile somehow looks painful. She sits on many local boards and volunteers for any position that might keep her somehow popular or maybe even relevant.
  • Bud Elway – Male Caucasian age 50 to 60 (tall), Society Board member. Bob is Friendly, good natured, polite, strong, sure of himself, and moral, but slightly uncomfortable in a corporate board room. Bud is a local ex-basketball star and coach, loved, admired and respected around the region for his good nature, sense of honor, and never quit ethics, but more importantly he brought the championships home. When it comes to macro economics he’s sitting on the bench but give him farm math, it’s a slam dunk every time.
  • Steve Stockton – (Chicago Business man) Male (45-55) years of age.
  • Gary Phelps – (Final Board Member) Male (45-55) years of age
  • Timothy A. O’Neil Sr. – See above. Rounds out the (6) member Board of Directors.

Other Characters

  • Matt Burch – Male Caucasian- age 35 to 45, Partner corporate law firm (console for The Society), Confident, cocky, good under pressure, abrasive, pushy, and callous with a smile. Matt has had one goal since his second year in law school “screw this” I’m way smarter than the rest of these assholes so why are you wasting my time just let me get to it, he did. He figured out early that this was a numbers game and if you just ignore the people involved, or even justice for that matter, you will do much better when it comes to the numbers. If you want to make partner by 32 that’s the game plan. As partner now, he makes multimillion dollar decisions and lets everybody know he’s cock sure about them.
  • Jim Parker – Male Caucasian- age 35 to 45, Independent Attorney (main character’s personal attorney), soft spoken, sober almost a year, disheveled, heavy smoker. Jim sees the world through a very different lens he’s not the guy that held on because it was the good fight or for the money, he held on because holding on is all he knows how to do. Jim had a bad drug experience in college it left him altered. Still he finished school, got his degree and now he has his own law practice. We just never know which Jim will show up on the day of court.
  • Walter Jacobs – (Judge) Male (50-65) years of age.
  • Miguel – (Greg’s friend and confidant) and Travel companion Hispanic Male (30-35) years of age.
  • Rocio – (Girl on Greg & Miguel’s South American Trip) Latina Female (25-30) years of age. Free spirit.
  • Ana Maria – (Rocio’s Sister) & travel companion Latina Female (25-30) years of age.
  • Maria – (Claudia’s Mother) Latina Female (55-65) years of age.
  • Doreen – (Office Secretary) Female (30-40) years of age.
  • Karen – (New to Greg’s office) Cute Female (19-25) years of age.
  • John – (Claudia’s Brother) Colombia Special Forces Trainer. Hispanic Male (30-35) years of age.
  • Jonathon Stevens Salesman Agent #1) – Male (50-60) years of age.
  • Edward Siebert Salesman Agent #2 – Male (25-35) years of age.
  • Investment Salesmen(3-5) – Males (35-60) years of age
  • Tina – (Mark Wagner’s Daughter) Female (30-35) years of age. Promoted unfairly because she’s the President’s daughter.
  • Carrie Smith – Female (40-50) weird neighbor lady that can go on talking for hours.
  • Debbie Oniel – (Tim’s Wife) Female (30-35) years of age.
  • Bob Wren – (salesman Agent #6) Male (30-40) years of age. Heavy set big guy jolly and likeable.
  • Rich Sampson – (Salesman Agent #7) Male (50-60) years of age. Bit of a drinker and trouble maker.
  • Attorneys #1, and #2 Males – (45-60) years of age.
  • Tom Nowicki – (Attorney #3) Male (50-60) years of age
  • Elections Announcer – Male (40-50) years of age
  • Orrville Hoffner’s Secretary – Female (25-30) years of age.
  • Supreme Court Justice – Male (50-65) years of age
  • Federal Judge Warren – Male (60-65) years of age.
  • Martin Thorne Accounting Office’s Attorney – Male (40-55) years of age
  • Adam Fincher Society’s Accounting Firm’s legal Council – Male (40-50) years of age.
  • Ups Driver – Male (25-30) years of age
  • Otto – (OSU Board of Directors Member) Male (40-50) years of age
  • Jeff CFO for the Society – Male (50-60) years of age.
  • Man – (Errors and Omissions Rep) Male (35-45) years of age

Crew Postions:

Many crew positions are also availble for this film.


These positions (Cast and Crew) are mostly non-paid positions. However this is your chance to be a part of a potentially award-winning movie production, as Mantis and Moon has never released a film that was not internationally awarded, or nationally distributed.

How to Apply:

If you were interested in applying for any of these positions please notify us at and interested parties for the Cast and Crew member positions should email a resume and headshot for cast to Chuy at:

NOTE: Please include the role you are interested in applying for or “crew” in the subject line of your email.