Casting Actor and Actress for Lead Roles

Project [N] ReSource Films

The Right to Sadness is a short (8-12 minutes) drama. The story follows a young man and woman as they face the consequences of their past actions. Casting is underway for the roles of Heather and Jimmy, the only roles in the film.  Shooting will take place in the Jackson, MI area.

Actors must be committed, tactful, and respectful of the working environment and my creative vision for the project. As a director, I like to work with actors. If any cast or crew has thoughts or input, I will typically hear them, but the final decision is mine to make. It is expected and required that all cast members show up well-prepared with their lines memorized. We rehearse for a brief period and then shoot. There are no scheduled rehearsal dates or read throughs. Ideally, this project will be shot entirely in one day. This means that shooting would most likely take at least six-to-eight hours.

Available Roles:

  • Heather: Female, open ethnicity, ages 20-25. Heather has lived a hard lifestyle, having spent much of her time dreaming about her ambitions while not really following them.

  • Jimmy: Male, open ethnicity, ages 20-25. Jimmy, on the other hand, has lived a very reserved lifestyle that has not been “hard” in the traditional sense, but perhaps just as detrimental in the long run.


There will be no pay or monetary compensation of any sort for this project. The film will be sent to festivals and hosted on YouTube via my website.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us at and email your resume and a headshot to Tommy at: