Casting Actors for Short Film

The Professionals

Casting actors for the short film, “The Professionals”. Auditioning talent from June 4th through June 12th. Filming will last through the end of July (end of August, maybe) in East Lansing, MI.


The Professionals is a short psychological thriller about four students and their dead professor. The story revolves around Chloe, a psychology student, whose fascination with the serial murders on campus is only intensified when her professor goes missing. When she blames one of her friends, the mounting drama only drives her to new extremes. While she basks in the attention, the real killer makes plans to sweep everything under the rug.

Available Roles:

  • Chloe: (lead role) Female, ages 20-23. Attractive, girl next door type. On the surface, she seems to be driven by a petty need for attention. However, she is very cunning and gets an enjoyment out of seeing people squirm. By the end of the film, we see that she has complete control over her friends, and is pulling at the serial killer’s strings.
  • Andy: (lead role) Male, ages 20-23. Lean and sturdy, maybe on the athletic side. He is loud, crass, and opinionated. Though very intelligent, most people find his sarcasm a little too sharp. He doesn’t care about others’ perceptions of him, but he welcomes any opportunity to show off. He makes his dislike for other people clear, and his sour relationship with the professor puts him on the list as the first suspect.


Compensation only if project is funded through kickstarter.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please notify us at and send a resume and headshot to: