The Story Behind the film

YEA Talent Performed a traditional South African dance for the movie premier of The Parricidal Effect

By Kim Simpson

The Parricidal Effect

Filmed in Michigan over a very short period of time in the up most coldest days one can remember, -40 with the wind chill, but the true reality of the movie comes to life.  Ryan Davey Producer/Director/Writer, pulls off magic very quickly using Michigan landscape and Michigan actors. With a chilling storyline, and great actors, this film will surprise you! A major motion film and now available on Amazon, Netflix, Youtube and Streaming, check it out!

YEA had a great time being a part of this production and all who were involved. Ryan Davey’s film techniques come shining through. The cast and crew dedication to this film was remarkable and such a pleasure to work with!  What’s next Ryan?  Michigan again!

Date: Dec 2018

Producers: Ryan Davey

Director: Ryan Davey


Photographer: Rex Arsich

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