Casting Actors for Principal Roles

“The Last Meal” is 15-20 minute short film that has begun casting for principal roles. Actors should be able to commit to working the weekends of October 21st-23rd October 29th-31st and November 4th-6th In the southeast Michigan Area. Contributors to this film have been apart of feature length projects such as “Scream 4″ and “AWOL”.


A dark yet uplifting film about a young college graduate (Clark) who has begun working as a prison cook to pay the bills. When he gets a strange last meal request from a death row inmate (Vince) he becomes intrigued and goes on a journey to find the humanity in a so-called monster.

Audition Details:

Saturday, October 8th from 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Sunday, October 9th from 1:00pm to 5:00pm

University of Michigan – Mason Hall (Room #1469)
419 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Available Roles:

  • Klark: Will play role of an ambition young man, ages 18-25, who after becoming close to a prison inmate must do what he can to make sure that they receive their last meal request before their execution.

  • Vince: Will play role of a middle aged to older male who is a convicted felon on death row. After spending more than a decade in solitary confinement as he awaits his execution date, Vince is less than eager to share his story and spends most of his time making origami shapes as a way of keeping his sanity.

  • Grace: Will play role of a cautious adult, can play 25-30, one of Klark’s co-workers and acquaintances who helps Klark adjust to the prison cook life. When Klark decides to investigate one of the prison inmates, she must decide if she wants to overlook her personal views on crime and criminals and help Klark in his quest or remain apprehensive about helping someone deemed a “monster”.

  • Officer Colleen: Will play role of a woman who can play someone in her middle ages. Officer Colleen is dignified and passionate about her job. She cares about the inmates and upholding the laws and standards of the prison system. She becomes integral in the budding relationship between Klark and Vince.

  • Mac: Will play role of a middle-aged man, who is the arrogant, conceited head chef at the prison. After a mishap at a former restaurant, Mac takes out his frustrations on the kitchen staff especially Klark. Mac is determined to uphold his personal standards and because of this finds Vince’s request unworthy and offensive to his own admiration and standards.


These are not paid roles. Kind services and transportation costs during filming will be compensated.

How to Apply:

Please notify us at

The auditions are open but if you would like to confirm a date and time before hand that would be much appreciated. To do so, please email your headshots and resume to: