The Invisible” Casting Call for Non-Union Short Film

Auditions are being held for the non-union short drama, titled “The Invisible.”

Shooting is scheduled to begin in late April to early May in the metro-Detroit area. Exact dates are TBD.

The Invisible” revolves around Mickey, a homeless man, who is tired of being mistreated by the ‘outside’ world.

Audition Information: Please e-mail: for more information.

Place: TBD

Available Roles:

1) BILLY: Black male, early to mid 20s. Round build. Medium height. Happy-looking individual. Must be able to stutter.
2) THEATER ATTENDANT: Black male. Mid to late 30s.
3) UNCLE TOM: A man in his late 60s to early 70s. Medium build. Black male with a kind face/ gray hair. (Someone like Da Mayor from ‘Do the Right Thing.’)
4) SAMUEL COOPER: An attractive (lawyer-type) White male with dark brown hair, sophisticated man, medium-to tall build.
5) WALTER: A good-looking White male, preferably blonde. Tall, well-built.
6) CYNTHIA COOPER: An awkward-looking young child with light brown hair. Round, with glasses. A white child, between the ages of 6-10 will do.
7) PRETTY BLONDE: White woman in 20s, bleached blond hair, voluptuous.
8) MOE: Middle-eastern man in his 50s. Kind, stout man, balding.
9) SMILING HOMELESS MAN: A man in his early to mid 40s.White male, medium-build.
10) EDDIE: A HISPANIC/ ITALIAN male in his mid-to late 40s.
11) MINNIE: A white woman in her mid-60s. Think of the homeless lady in ‘Home Alone 2.’
12) JOSEPH: Innocent-looking, White male in his early to mid 70s. Round man, balding.
13) BOSS: A white man in his late 50s to early 60s. Sharply dressed.
14) PETER: A stout Italian/ Armenian male in his early to mid 40s.
15) WAITRESS ONE: White, medium build, blonde hair late 20s to early 30s.
16) WAITRESS TWO: White, round with light brown hair. Late 50s.
17) COOK: Round, Black/ White male, balding in his 50s.
18) THIEF ONE: Black male in his early 20s.
19) THIEF TWO: White male in his early to late 20s.
20) NURSE: White male, Mid-30s.
21) PARAMEDIC #1: Hispanic male late 20s early 30s.
22) PARAMEDIC #2: White male late to early 20s.
23) MOURNERS at funeral: 7-10 WHITE male/ female ranging in age from 25-75.
24) 3-5 COPS: Well built. Males. Black/ White/ Hispanic/ Middle-Eastern.

These are non-paying roles. Cast will be compensated with screen credit. The film will be submitted to festivals. Travel expenses will not be paid, but food will be provided on all days of shooting.

How to Apply:
Those interested in applying, please notify us at and e-mail headshot and resume to Aisha Farooqi at: