Writer/director, John W. Bosley, is casting for the feature film “The House”. Auditions are tentatively scheduled for March 26th, 2011.  “The House” will shoot in Metro Detroit, MI.

Film Summary:

What does a corrupt pharmaceutical company, the war in Afghanistan, and the murder of two young women all have in common?… They all play a part in the story of THE HOUSE. Jack Peterson, like many others throughout the world, is unwilling to deal with his past. So, in THE HOUSE, his past comes back to deal with him. The story concludes with the philosophical question: “Can anyone really change?”

Imagine that you are a newlywed. One day, two law enforcement officers knock at your door and begin asking questions about a murder. What would you do? What if this investigation opened up past secrets that you wouldn’t want your spouse to know about? The main character, Jack Peterson, finds himself in such a predicament. The picture-perfect life and trusting relationships he had worked so hard to build are being threatened. Jack must decide whether to keep hiding his past failures, or finally be honest about his ugly history?

Available Roles:

  • Tammy: (age range: 35-40 yrs) Jack Peterson’s older sister. Loves to shop, quirky, and mothering. Good with kids.
  • Yakov: (age range: 25+ yrs) Creepy, mysterious character.
  • Yakov’s Friend: (age range: 20+ yrs) Creepy, mysterious, follower.
  • Joe Delaney: (age range: 60+ yrs) Well-to-do family lawyer.
  • Guy Pelletier: (age range: 30+ yrs) Private investigator.
  • Isabella: (age range: 4-6 yrs) Tammy’s daughter. Very outspoken and endearing girl.
  • Sam Walton: (age range: 25-35 yrs) Mysterious ex-friend of Jack Peterson.
  • Anne Peterson: (age range: 25-35 yrs) Very strong dynamic lead female role. Must have great range of emotions. Former nurse/caregiver.
  • Jack Peterson: (age range: 25-35 yrs) Extremely emotional and eventually unstable leading male role. Must have great range of emotions. Professor with a past.
  • Portman: (age range: 40-50 yrs) Lead FBI agent. Extremely intelligent and calm, comparable to ‘Grissom’ on CSI.
  • Cross: (age range: 25-30 yrs) FBI agent. Cocky, impatient, and quick to jump to conclusions.
  • Sarah: (age range: 25-30 yrs) FBI intern with a sinister plan. Any Ethnicity.

Film Crew:

Also looking to fill crew positions for this film.


Currently, the cast/crew positions will be on deferred payment, but we are pursuing additional investors and that may change.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this casting call please email your resume and/or headshots (for talent) to: j_bosley@jbmovies.com

NOTE: Please include the role your are applying for in the subject line of your email. For crew, please include the position you are interested in.

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