Leighwood Productions Casting

"The Devil’s Parents" Casting Call

Casting 3 lead actors and a supporting actor for the short film “The Devil’s Parents”. A two-day shoot is projected in late July in the Plymouth, MI area.

The Devil’s Parents is a short film that follows two parents and their son as they find out their elder son might have been a victim of a recent shooting, only to discover their son is actually the gunman. This short film was inspired by the recent events in Tuscan, Arizona.

The director/writer is looking to show a different perspective of a tragic shooting like the one in Tuscan. Set in one location, a suburban house, this short is very dependent on great performances from the 3 lead actors to be a success. This production is a product of a Michigan State University film grant and aims to showcase the talent of open-and-coming MSU filmmakers.

Available Roles:

  • PAUL CAMPBELL: Caucasian, 40-50 years old, father, automotive manager.

  • EMILY CAMPBELL: Caucasian, 35-45 years old, mother

  • KEVIN CAMPBELL: Caucasian, 6-10 years old, son

Also looking to cast a news anchor as much of the story is unraveled through news reports. This filming will take place on another earlier date at a local news station.

  • NEWS ANCHOR: Any ethnicity, adult, any gender


These are not paid roles. Footage for an actor’s reel and meals on shooting days will be provided.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us ay YourEntourageAgency@gmail.com and email your headshot and resume to: leighwoodproductions@gmail.com