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Pop, Lt. Rock, Folk
MORE ABOUT THE BAND Definition of Valiente (Val·​i·​en·​te | \ ˌvalēˈentē ) from Spanish to English: Brave Valiente’s debut album "So Far to Fall" is a reflection that Valiente is no ordinary duo! "Just another singer & a guitarist playing acoustic ballads," the band has grown quite familiar with this initial reaction when talking about being in a duo, but after listening to the album, the opposite reaction and praises always comes to a surprise. Joe Guel was a member of a former local band from Lansing, MI, The Arrangement; his influences include Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, and Jim Croce to name a few. Joe picked up his first guitar at age 16 and has not stopped playing since. Alely Valiente started singing at a very young age; she sang in five-star hotels, special events, and even sang her way through singing competitions. With limited access to music during her childhood, Alely grew up listening to various songs from The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and a few 90’s pop acts. As different as these individuals are, they have one thing in common, they both love music enough to create their own! With hopes of following the footsteps of legendary bands like Jefferson Airplane, Valiente plans on expanding their 2-person musical group to a full band the Pandemic restrictions are slowly lifts in time for concert season. Stay tuned for audition inquiries.

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