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Tenisa Numan


Hi, my name is Tenisa Numan! Here it is 2020, and looking back from where I started from is a big accomplishment for me. I started at Academy of Creative Artistic Productions, LLC, almost 7 years ago now as a modeling student. A single mother of 3 kids. Before coming to the Academy I was told I couldn’t be a plus size/curvy runway model. I was told by other agencies that I could only be a print model. People were telling me I wasn’t good enough, well look at me now! I was discovered by a scout from Your Entourage Agency, Inc., when I was signing my son up for classes. The company saw something in me, and believed in me. I am a licensed Cosmetologist as well, I have two degrees in business, and I am a professional plus size runway model! My goals are to uplift women of all backgrounds, and to leave my mark on this world. I am a modeling instructor as well for ACAP, come to my classes, I'll teach you to leave your mark too!

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