Casting Voice Over Talent and Understudies

Starchild Productions is now casting for voice over talent and understudies only, for the stage play “Urban Wine”. With the exception of Officer Gibbs, all major roles are for African Americans. We will be casting by the end of the month. Production date is tentatively scheduled for February 2, 2013.


A convicted murderer and former drug lord serving a natural life sentence for murder, receives a letter from his old high school sweetheart who is now a writer, working on a story of what society calls a dying breed which is the black man. After several letters, phone calls and visits, Kato falls in love with Moon and decides to re-open his case.

Available Roles:

  • Kato: Lead Role – African American – Mid 30’s to early 40’s (or can look it) Kato counsels the young men within the prison system throughout the state of Michigan. He’s a self- educated and reformed Malcolm X type of character looking for atonement for his life’s actions as a killer and drug dealer from the streets of southwest Detroit. (Very dramatic role.)

  • Moon: Lead Role – African American – Mid 30’s to early 40’s (or can look it) is a Writer and Community Activist. Moon is very passionate about raising awareness on the current condition of the Southwest Detroit community. Much to her surprise, she finds herself becoming emotionally involved with Kato.

  • Freedom: Lead Role – African American – Early 20’s, is Kato’s cell mate and student serving a three year sentence. Freedom looks up to Kato like an older brother but, his arrogance soon gets him into more trouble than he can handle.

  • Tracey: Supporting Role – African American – mid 30’s to early 40’s is Moon’s best friend. Tracey is a caring person and is very protective of Moon. Tracey is a bit apprehensive about the nature of Moons relationship to Kato.

  • Ripp: Supporting Role – Mid 30’s, is a slick talking self-centered villain who wants to over throw Kato’s reign within the prison. Ripp will do anything to gain power & control over the other inmates.

  • Officer Gibbs: White Male – Early 30’s, is a Correctional Officer who rules his unit with an iron fist. Gibbs is known for his sarcastic and no nonsense approach throughout his career at the prison.

  • Frankie: Early 20’s – Kato’s victim and childhood friend.

  • Pregnant Woman: Mid to late 20’s – Kato’s victim.

  • Inmate Jones: Teenager – Young boy convicted of murder.

  • Voice of God: Age mid-thirties & up. Strong, deep authoritative voice needed.

  • Lil Boys Voice: Ages 9 – 12


This is a paying gig based on experience level and size of role.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please notify us at and email your head shots and resume to: