Audition Notice for Series Regulars, Guest Stars and Speaking Parts

Spunky Airlines TV Series

SAG TV Series Formerly Cloud 9, now Spunky Airlines, is looking for two series regulars and several guest stars and speaking parts for season 1. Audition will be held on Saturday, March 31st, 2012 from 10:00am to 3:00pm in Burton, MI. The two series regulars roles include being part of the main cast in every episode. Strong actors only please, SAG preferred. Shooting will take place on weekends (Sat and Sun) from April 21st until mid August (tentatively).


Spunky Airlines is a sexy 30 minute comedy about 6 airline employees that work at Spunky Airlines, a dysfunctional airport that uses satire to keep the audience soaring with laughs from take-off to landing.

Available Roles:

  • Mia: (Series Regular) Open ethnicity (age 20-30) Mia is a sexy, smart, beautiful, feisty airline employee who knows what she wants and how to get it. She is sassy and fun, but if you piss her off, beware!! She puts the SPUNK is SPUNKY!
  • Bree: (Series Regular) Open ethnicity (age 20-30) Bree is a free-spirited classic ditz! She works at the airline at the ticket counter and is an aspiring flight attendant. She basically got the job at Spunky Airlines because of her assets above the waist, excluding her brains.

Episode 1.2

  • Jade Harrington: (Guest Star) Caucasian age: 40-60 years. A ritzy classy woman.
  • Captain John Clancy: (Guest Star) Caucasian 40-60 years. Tall, lean, stern, authoritative.
  • TSA Officer: (Male 30-50 years) African American, funny, joker, comedian type. Note: This role may be in multiple episodes for season 1.
  • Young Flight Attendant: (3 scenes, 7 lines) open ethnicity age 18-25. She is very sweet, naïve, well intentioned to do a good job and soft spoken.
  • Pretty Female Passenger: ( 1 scene, 3 lines) 25-45 years old, open ethnicity
  • Male Passenger: (2 scenes, 5 lines) Open ethnicity age: 25-45 years
  • Sexy Female Passenger: (4 lines) Open Ethnicity age: 25-45 years
  • Old Man: Caucasian Age 50+ (1 scene, 2 lines) Typical grumpy older man.
  • Hot Female Passenger: (1 scene, 4 lines) Open ethnicity. Taller, strong and in control.
  • Passenger #1: (2 lines) Open
  • Passenger #2: (2 lines) Open
  • Passenger #3: (2 lines) Open
  • Mother: (1 scene, 3 lines) Caucasian, 30-35 years, sophisticated.
  • Two Young Kids of Mother: (1 scene, 1 line each) open gender, Caucasian

Episode 1.3

  • Miss Russia: (Guest Star) Former Beauty Queen, age 20-35, Russian, muscular or larger build, tall, very authoritative.
  • Reporter: (3 lines) Caucasian male) ages: 30-50, 5”11 or shorter
  • 12-14 Year Old Boy: (1 scene, 6 lines) Open ethnicity. Smart, manipulative, and confident in his ability to try and pick up a flight attendant.
  • Passenger #1: Open ages 25-55
  • Passenger #2: Open ages 25-55


Actors will receive credit, copy, food, and SAG Taft Hartley. Guest stars and Series regulars will receive $50.00 per episode and SAG Scale deferred per day less $50.00 We’re currently negotiating TV distribution for season 1. Stay tuned!!

How to Apply:

To receive time and location for the audition, pleasenotify us at

NOTE: These auditions will be a cold read, with the exceptions of the Series Regulars and Guest Stars. If you would like to audition for those roles, please indicate the name in the subject of the email: for example: Bree, Mia, Jade Harrington, Captain John Clancy, Miss Russia, TSA Officer. This audition may be used to cast future roles that an actor may fit for future episodes.