Meteoric Pictures is Casting Production Teams

SON OF THE DAWN Casting Call

Meteoric Pictures is putting together several production teams for the feature film, “Son of the Dawn”. They are searching for writers, cinematographers, line producers, producers, lighting teams, actors and actresses, sound designers, composers, and a post production team.


After the loss of her husband Bill Amblin, Catherine Mowery sets out to prove that her husband tried to kill her. But a dark power seeks to stop the discovery.

Available Roles:

  • Catherine Mowery: (Lead / FEMALE / 28 TO 32 /Caucasian) Cat Mowery, age 31, is a nurturer and a talented Architectural Designer. She lost her fiancé Mark in a car accident four years ago. Three years and six months later, she loses her new husband Bill; the builder who stepped in after Mark passed who offered her financial stability. Cat lived under her mother’s overbearing control her whole life. She does not understand why her life is a disaster because she did everything right.

  • Marilla Dominic: (Supporting / FEMALE / 50 TO 60 / Caucasian, Eastern European) Marilla Dominic, Cat’s mother, 50-60 years old, chooses not to believe that the consequences of her decisions could lead to negative outcomes. She is the boss archetype; full of greed. She believes rigidly that if bad things happen to you, you deserved it.

  • Justice Delay: (Supporting / MALE / 50 TO 60 /Caucasian) Justice Delay is a former detective. He is a best friend archetype but also lucid and wise.

  • Bill Amblin: (Guest Star / MALE / 28 TO 32 /Caucasian) Bill Amblin is a builder. He is all ambition and no heart. He is the Chief archetype. He craves notoriety.

  • Mailman: (Recurring / MALE / 20 TO 30) Clumsy. Panick stricken.

  • Mark Delay: (Supporting / MALE / 28 TO 32 /Caucasian) The Lost Soul.

  • Susie Mowery: (Supporting / FEMALE / 15 TO 20 /Caucasian) Catherines younger sister. The free spirit. Naive.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please notify us at and email your resume and a headshot for talent to:

NOTE: Please include the role or position you are applying for in the subject line of your email.