Full-Length Feature Film – Non-Union – Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller

“Sleep, Wake, Forget” is an independent feature film that will be shot throughout Michigan on a RED Scarlet-X camera. They are casting actors for a variety of principle and secondary roles. All principle roles will be paid, there will be compensation for all secondary roles. There will be fourteen to twenty-one shooting days over the course of July and August 2012 (September a possibility for pick-up shots), duration/schedule pending actor and location availability.

The Story:

When memories are the only artifacts of a fallen world, a young man will stop at nothing to save his brother from becoming one of the creatures they have spent their lives running from.

Available Roles:

  • MAX: Male, 18-23 years old. In a barren land where only the most ruthless survive, Max is the exception. Likely the youngest survivor, he remembers little of the downfall of man and is not scarred by the horrors his brother experienced. Although Max never knew the world as it was before, he is able to see into the minds of other survivors, piecing together his own idea of what life used to be like. He is enthralled by art, music, and the wonders of everyday life, notions that have been all but forgotten years down the line. His preoccupation with the past results in carelessness. He becomes one of the less-than-human monsters that roam the destroyed earth, and the memories he clings to splinter into a living nightmare as he struggles not to harm the one person who has kept him safe all his life. [PAID ROLE]
  • LIAM: Male, 18-26. When Liam was a child, the world was collapsing around him. All his life he has taken care of his brother, who remembers nothing of what was lost. Haunted by what he has seen, Liam travels the countryside with Max and distrusts other survivors. Although he is also able to delve into the memories of others, Liam chooses not to, opting instead to focus on surviving their present trials. When, like the rest of mankind, Max begins turning into something violent, something inhuman, Liam refuses to lose his brother and instead risks everything for one small chance at breaking through Max’s fractured mind and getting his brother back. [PAID ROLE]
  • ALAN: Male, 45-75. The man who brought down the world. Gleefully malicious, condescending, and proud. Actor’s face will be covered with makeup and prosthetics; talent must not be allergic to latex. One to three days of shooting. [PAID ROLE]
  • YOUNG ALAN: Male, 20-30. A cocky young man with abilities the world has never seen before. Outraged when his gifts are met with fear instead of awe, he decides to prove those afraid of him exactly how much of a monster he can become. One to three days of shooting. [PAID ROLE]
  • SURVIVORS: Males & Females, 30-60. Worn, tough refugees of a fallen world who have survived this long by being cold, determined, and merciless. Engrained with less-than-savory ethics, they are not pleased when Liam protects one of the very monsters they seek to destroy. A wide variety of types are encouraged to submit; upon submission a role (or roles) will be selected to read for. Fight experience a plus but not a necessity. [Certain survivors are featured, paid roles. Others will receive gas reimbursement, food, DVD copy, and credit.]
  • SECONDARY ROLES: Individuals from all walks of life are encouraged to submit, as there are many ‘memory’ scenes that recreate a variety of situations. Some of these memories will be surreal/dreamlike and therefore actors with unique talents (dance, painting, music, sports, etc.) are urged to apply. Speaking and non-speaking roles available. All ages needed. Seeking ‘character actors’ – father, girl next door, dancer, school kid, etc. [Payment for certain roles depends on screentime. Food, DVD, credit. Gas reimbursement depending on role and distance traveled.]
  • YOUNG MAX: Male, 4-8. Casting will largely depend on resemblance to the actor playing Max. Will be selected after preliminary casting. One to three days of filming needed, parent or guardian must be present on set. [Small monetary payment, gas, food, DVD, and credit.]
  • YOUNG LIAM: Male, 7-12. Casting will largely depend on resemblance to the actor playing Liam. Will be selected after preliminary casting. One to three days of filming needed, parent or guardian must be present on set. [Small monetary payment, gas, food, DVD, and credit.]


As the film has a set budget and rate of pay will go by day of filming, exact rates can not be provided until potential actors’ schedules are known and a filming schedule is set. Pay rate is variable depending on the length of filming days, but will nonetheless fall within $50-$100 a day for principle actors. As this is independently funded by the writer/director, most secondary roles will not be given a pay rate, but gas will be reimbursed for all actors, meals will be provided on set, a copy of the DVD will be given to each actor (by December 2013, after festival run), and IMDB credit will be provided. Upon request, the editor can provide a reel for actors of their individual scenes.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please list the role you are applying for in the subject line and notify us at YourEntourageAgency@gmail.com

NOTE: All submitted talent will be reviewed by the director and producers and, if selected for further review, the actor will be provided with sides for a role and an audition will be conducted via video or in-person, depending on the location of the individual. These auditions will happen through the end of March, as well as the month of April, so talent is encouraged to submit as soon as possible. If chosen for the final rounds of auditions, all selected talent will be asked to conduct an interview and callback in-person with other selected actors.