Rolling Boulder Productions Casting Call

Rolling Boulder Productions is casting principal and featured actors for a 20 minute short film “Sirens.” Actors will be needed on some of the weekends October 21st-23rd, October 29th-31st, November 4th-6th, November 11th-13th in Southeast Michigan.


Often dark, sometimes funny, “Sirens” is a short film about Charlie, a young man who returns home after a long absence to find his mother dead, but still warm, in the bathtub. Alone, he must arrange his mother’s burial in a town that has been shut down by protesters. The police, the paramedics, and the undertakers are all preoccupied with their own affairs, and he cannot even get a doctor to declare her dead. He spends his nights sleeping just a few rooms away from his mother’s corpse, and surrounded by its associated memories. He must deal with his own guilt and regrets while trying to meet the kafka-esque requirements of a broken bureaucracy.

Available Roles:

  • Young Charlie:Will play Charlie at age 10, just after the death of his father, dealing with losss for the first time.

  • Charlie’s Mother: Will play female, ages 35-65. A woman whose relationship with her son was all-but-ended by the death of her husband, and his gradual self-isolation. Living alone after he left as an adult, she never gave up hope.

  • Barb: Will play a small town woman, 35-75. A little too friendly and proper, she was Charlie’s neighbor from age 10 until he moved out. She is interested in Charlie’s return until she finds out that there are strings attached (a dead mother). She is an avid collector of porcelain dolls.

  • Officer Sawyer:Will play adult police officer, ages 25-60. Stressed by political protesters in an election year that have seriously hindered normal operation, he must deal with one extra issue (in Charlie’s mother’s death) in an already overwhelming week.

  • Timothy Black:Will play adult undertaker, ages 40-75. After misguided protesters threw a brick through his window, he sleeps there for a few nights to protect his family-owned business until a new window can be installed.


These are not paid positions.

How to Apply:

Please email to schedule an audition. If you are interested in applying please send your resume and headshots to: