White Knight Films Casting

White Knight Films Casting

White Knight Films is casting actors and actresses for indie feature film, “Rubicon Boulevard”. This film is slated for fall 2012. Luke Richmond will be starring as Jake Cathasaigh.


Rubicon Boulevard is the story of Jake Cathasaigh, recently released from prison and looking to turn his life around with the help of his loyal girlfriend Alicia. The more Jake tries to leave his old life behind, the more that world pulls him back in, and eventually he’s forced to make a decision he can’t turn back from.

This story asks the questions Can people really change? What’s worth changing yourself? and At what point do you stop trying?

It also deals with the dilemma of choosing between the “right thing”, the “legal thing” and the “justified thing”.

Inspired by movies such as Brian De Palma’s Carlito’s Way and Martin Scorsese’s Mean Streets, Rubicon Boulevard will be a dark, gritty drama with a strong storyline and fully realized characters.

Available Roles:

  • Malcolm Kane: (male, late 20s/early 30s, caucasian/black) – Intelligent and respected, he runs a high-stakes poker room in the back of the poolhall he owns. Older brother of Kenny.

  • Kenny Kane: (male, early 20s, caucasian/black) – He works for his brother, Malcolm, as a debt collector. Not very smart or quick, but what he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in physical size and intimidation, and he’s a bit of a bully. His only real talent is at the poker table, which serves his brother well.

  • Theresa Cathasaigh: (female, early 20s, caucasian) – Jake’s sister and Danny’s boyfriend, she’s sexy, smart and brave. She works as a cocktail waitress at a local stripclub. While she loves Danny and takes care of him, she also feeds Danny’s addiction to gambling.

  • Danny: (male, early 20s, any race) – Theresa’s boyfriend. He’s a good guy, but makes bad choices, and has an addiction to gambling, especially poker.

  • Val: (male, 20s, any race) – When Jake went to prison years ago, Val became Luke Palladin’s right-hand man. Good-looking and slick, he’s moving up in the Palladin crime ring, but is threatened by Jake’s return.

  • Luke Palladin: (male, 20s, caucasian/black) – Teddy Palladin’s son. He’s stepped up the last few years while Jake’s been in prison, moving from running numbers and collecting for his father to abductions, robberies and interrogations. He’s focused on the immediate result rather than the big picture, and tends to act before he thinks. Looks up to Jake as an older brother.

  • Demitri: (male, any age, any race) – Teddy Palladin’s personal bodyguard. He rarely speaks, but his prescence carries all the authority and power of Teddy, so he rarely has to. He’s Teddy’s eyes and ears to the outside world, as Teddy seldom leaves his house. Must be tall and muscular/stout.

  • Bob Crenshaw: (male, 20s, any race) – Recently saved from a prison sentence by Teddy Palladin, he now works maintenance at a place Luke Palladin and his men want to get into, but refuses to give them the information they need.

  • Kevin O’Connell: (male, late 20s, any race) – Kevin grew up on the same street as Jake, but their lives took drastically different paths when Jake started working for Teddy Palladin and Kevin became a cop. Now a detective, Kevin is investigating the Palladin crime ring and wants Jake to leave his life of crime behind him.

  • Lionel Tripp: (male, 40s, any race) – Kevin’s partner, Detective Lionel Tripp has had a string of bad luck. His career is going nowhere and he’s lost his passion for policework, and now his wife has filed for divorce and is threatening to take everything.

  • Alicia: (female, 20s, any race) – Jake’s long-time and loyal girlfriend, she’s the only one who sees the good in Jake and believes he can turn his life around. An aspiring stage actress, she’s strong, passionate and loving.

  • Teddy Palladin: (male, 50s, caucasian/black) – Teddy is the local crime boss. He owns several businesses and properties around town that keep him looking legitimate, but he makes his real money from extortion, bribery, theft, drugs and the like. Most of the people that work for him do so because he “helped them out” at some point, so now they feel loyal.

  • Sharon: (female, 20s, any race) – Loyal to Teddy, she works at a nice hotel in town. [2 scenes]

  • Pauly: (male, 50s-60s, any race) – Has worked in the Palladin home for forty years, taking care of the house and property. [1 scene]

  • Candy & Bella: (female, 20s, any race) – Sexy, flirty and vivacious, these two ladies are friends of Val’s who help out by distracting a guard.

  • Terrance & Doug: (male, any age, any race) – Two intimidating bodyguards that accompany Stanley Palladin when he comes to town.

  • J.D.: (male, 30s-40s, any race) – Owner of a local stripclub where Theresa cocktails.

  • Carmen: (female, 20s, any race) – Sexy party-goer that tries to tempt Jake into some no-strings-attached fun.


These are paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please notify us at YourEntourageAgency@gmail.com

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.