Client is developing a reality show explores how America got so nuts/divided, and explores ways to bring people back together.


This is your chance to show how the federal government’s policies can make a direct impact on lives–and also help us begin to bridge the divide through the power of personal stories.



For casting, they are seeking people who’ve been directly affected by Obama or Trump policies. This could include:

-Implications from Obamacare

-Layoffs/employment change (auto industry bail out?)

-Business growth impact

-Immigration / “Muslim ban”

-Environmental policies



Metro Detroit Area





To Apply

Please send head shot and current resume along with a synopsis of your story, a little about you (age, family, career, history in Michigan) and any relevant links to media coverage, social media, or anything you think tells the story best. Send this info to Acting Director, Andrea Caldwell ( and copy Ms. Kim (