Job Description: Client is shooting a huge outdoor charity festival scene on November 7th. Looking for up to 4 family groups. Can include one parent & multiple kids. Can include a married or dating couple. All ethnicities. No visible tattoos please. A ‘Hallmark conservative’ look.

Scene description: main lead Evelyn has a heart of gold and is organizing a charity event to raise money to keep the small town’s soup kitchen open all winter. There will be shots of kids getting their faces painted, families playing corn hole, people eating popcorn out of an old fashioned popper machine, eating fresh cotton candy, laughing & being amazed by the antics of a stilt walker, drinking hot chocolate, etc.


Call time 12:30pm.

Wrap time 5pm latest.


Location: Dexter, MI


Attire: outdoor shoot so jeans, khakis, cute boots, jackets, hats if weather calls for it, ‘Hallmark clean & happy looking’


This is a promotional resume building job.


To apply: Email Emily Knowles with head shot, or family photo at