M-agination Films Casting Call

Projection Film

M-agination Films is casting principal and featured actors for the 35 minute short film “Projection.” Actors will be needed on various dates between May 14 and May 28 in Southeast Michigan.


This dark, complex psychological thriller tells the story of a young woman who has long struggled to conceal a past traumatic event from her loved ones, but must relive it when the movie she attends violently comes to life, recreating the past and teaching her an important lesson. While the film’s main theme is overcoming fears, it also deals with the universal emotions of loneliness and learning one’s self-worth.

Audition Details:

Saturday, February 4th from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the Modern Languages Building (812 East Washington, Ann Arbor, Michigan) Room #2001 – ISS Media Center Demo Room

Sunday, February 5th from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Modern Languages Building (812 East Washington, Ann Arbor, Michigan) Room #2001 – ISS Media Center Demo Room

Available Roles:

  • ABIGAIL COOPER: Will play the main role of a distraught, damaged young woman, aged 19-26, whose looming trip to New York City sparks memories of a traumatic past event. Through the reflection of a movie screen, Abbie is forced to confront her demons head on and learn that the past doesn’t control her future.
  • TONY DOMINIC: Will play Abigail’s boyfriend, aged 21-30. As described in the script, he carries himself with “Dorian Grey charm: a suave exterior and a touch of detached, paternal contempt in his voice.” Obsessed with outward appearances, his three-year relationship with Abigail has dissolved into abuse and condescension.
  • KATHERINE HECKER: Will play Abigail’s spunky, no-nonsense roommate, aged 19-26, who works as an entertainment columnist at the local newspaper. With only good will towards Abbie, Kate spends the majority of the film trying to emotionally support her roommate.
  • FRANK LAMBERT: Will play the nerdy, lonely projectionist at the movie theater. Aged 19-30, Frank wanted to pursue a career in photography, but a fear of failure held him back. Instead, he hides in the projection room to escape from the world and its disappointments.
  • GUNMAN 1: Will play the suave, career-oriented gunman who’s been hired by the mob to interrogate Abigail about her past. Aged 40-60, his obsession with professional excellence is accentuated in his advanced vocabulary and educated philosophies.
  • GUNMAN 2: Will play the novice accomplice of Gunman 1. Aged 30-40, his inexperience and lack of emotional detachment cause a great deal of insecurity and internal conflict as to whether he wants to pursue the lifestyle of a hitman.
  • EDNA WASHINGTON: Will play an older female moviegoer, aged 45-65. Supporting character.
  • USHER: Will play the theater usher, aged 20-40. Supporting character.
  • HOTEL CLERK: Will play a hotel clerk, aged 25-45. Supporting character.


While these are not paid positions, expect to have a great experience with a talented crew that is motivated to tell a compelling story. The film will be shown at many venues, especially film festivals. Also, all actors involved in the project will get DVDs of the film and an on-screen credit, of course.

How to Apply:

If you’re interested in applying for one of these roles, please notify us at YourEntourageAgency@gmail.com and e-mail ahead to confirm a date/time and include resumes and headshots. Send all to: projectionshortfilm@gmail.com