Project Runway Repurpose 2017!
Ms. Emily and Ms. Kim are looking for help with this event.  We need male and female talent, interested or has a passion for true project runway designs and working with real designers.
If you love true Project Runway than this is for you! You will love these opportunities.
Also, Anyone with Design Interest: Please consider being in the event as a Designer, register on the 9 or 10 of January!
Ages 16 and above, all cultures,  wanting to be involved with this project to fulfill these job opportunities:
YEA needs:
6 – Assistants in helping us with the coordination and training of runway to over 100 models.
2 – 6 Models to be in the show for a designer.
2 – 4 Assistants in helping us with the coordination of the designers on judging night.
2 – 4 Assistants in helping us with registration of the designers and models for the event.
The Event Date is: Feb. 12, 2017 – Day Event
The Registration Opportunities is on: Evening of Jan. 9 & 10., 2017.
Currently these opportunities are volunteer due to it being a non-profit organization. All proceeds are going to Howell Opera House and Grass Roots Organization for Design Scholarships!
Check out Academy of Creative Artistic Productions too, for new workshops in DESIGN!!