Actors, Extras and Makeup Artist Needed

We are currently casting for a short scene for the web series “Modus Operandi” that will be used as a flashback in several of the episodes. This flashback is a scene from the hitman’s past that made him who he is today. Two of the characters will be needed for future episodes (specified below). Shooting is scheduled for Saturday, December 1st around Grand Blanc, MI.


The series focuses on a Alex, a hitman, as he goes through his typical MO until something from his past causes him to lose control.

Available Roles:

  • Lazaro: Male, late 20′s/30′s, someone high up in a mafia-like organization. Lazaro is someone confident, cunning, and an all around collected badass. This character will be needed in this flashback scene as well as a future episode. Must be physically fit as this character will have an intense fight sequence.

  • Jessica: Female, 20′s, Alex’s wife before he took up a life of being a hitman. She will be needed in multiple episodes. For the purposes of this flashback, she will be witnessing Alex getting beat down, so acting talent must be able to scream and cry.

  • Extras: 2 male extras (20′s or 30′s) are needed to serve as Lazaro’s aides. They will have minimal speaking and should look intimidating. These roles will only be needed for this flashback.

Available Crew Positions:

  • Makeup Artist: Need a makeup artist who can do effective blood, sweat, tears, bruising, and swelling. Alex’s face will be struck several times with a gun and should look pretty roughed up. There will be several closeups shot on the RED SCARLET-X, so the makeup must be accurate. If applying for makeup artist, please include images or links to any samples, preferably something with cuts/bruises/swelling.


Food and travel will be provided for all cast and crew. There will be no additional compensation for extras. There may be compensation for the actors playing Lazaro and Jessica depending on experience and qualifications. Makeup is extremely important for the power of this flashback, so we are looking for someone with the expertise to make it look good. We are willing to pay a date rate for a makeup artist based upon experience and abilities.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please notify us at and email your headshot and resume to: