Casting Call for “Monster Comedy”

Lyon Productions

Lyon Productions is holding a casting call for a currently IN PRODUCTION feature film with an all star cast including Joe Estevez, Dustin Diamond, Lark Voorhies, Robert Z’Dar, and Aurelian Smith aka Jake the Snake Roberts. Brad Leo Lyon is directing. The film is a “Monster Comedy” and we anticipate receiving an R rating for its content. The audition will be held in a cold read format.

Casting Details:

Sunday, September 25th from 10:00am to 6:00pm

Lyon Productions (Next Door to Snap Fitness in the Flushing Market Plaza)
6429 West Pierson Road
Flushing, Michigan 48433

Available Roles:

  • FATHER KEIRNEN:  Male, 50’s to late 60’s, Clergyman, Confident and Educated. Though only a priest of a small village, his knowledge is vast and his understanding of ancient lore is thorough. This makes him a sought after historian.

  • RONALD BLUEBERRY:  Male, 30’s – early 40’s, Journalist, As brash and egotistical as he is naive, The well dressed and polished looks don’t match his limited intellect and often one track mind.

  • WILLIAM WALLDANCE:  Male, late 20’s – late 30’s., A Task Oriented Traveler, His discovery and mission to find answers causes a tidal wave of events.

  • ATTRACTIVE VILLAGER:  Female, Open Age Range, The Barbie of the 1900’s with a figure and personality to match.

  • VILLAGER 1:  Male, Open Age Range, African American, Comedic character that foreshadows his own demise

  • VILLAGER 2:  Female, Open Age Range, Polite Townsfolk, Her looks nearly get Ronald in trouble.

  • LARGE DEMON 1:  Male, Heavy Set, over 6′, Large powerful demon

  • LARGE DEMON 2:  Male or Female, Tall

  • LARGE DEMON 3:  Male or Female, Tall

  • BARTENDER:  Male or Female, 20’s – 30’s, Attractive, An energetic Listener

  • PATRON 1:  Male, 20’s, College Student, Enthusiastic and Cheerful

  • PATRON 2:  Male or Female, 20’s, College Student, A Screamer

  • KAREN:  Female, 20’s, Attractive, The Girl you notice at the bar

  • TANNING SALON GIRL:  Female, 18 – Mid 20’s, Attractive, A Tanning salon costumer that gets peeped on. (Brief/Implied Nudity required)

  • TANNING SALON EMPLOYEE:  Male or Female, Open Age Range, Quirky, Weird, and a bit of an eater.

Extras/Background Roles:

  • VILLAGERS:  Background people will be needed as Villagers in 1910.

  • BAR GOERS:  Background and possible featured extras are needed to act as bar goers during a celebration that ends with terror. Must be able to show fear.

Crew Positions:

  • CAMERA OPERATOR: (Paid Position) With an HVX200 (plus adapter/lenses) as well as a Gaffer with a Lighting Kit. (If interested please forward your resume and rates to:

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us at and please bring your headshot and entertainment resume to the open call on September 25th if you have one. You may email your resume and headshots in advance to:

NOTE: Please supply the character names in the subject line of your email when applying as well as your location.