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Seeking dedicated & serious actors/actresses that are looking to build up their resumes. An open casting call is being held for the documentary dramedy film, “Love Has A Mind Of Its Own”. The casting call will be held on July 21st in Oak Park, MI. Shooting will begin in August & will last through September.


A few stories explaining how love can enter the lives between a man and a woman without either individual really seeing it coming and how love can bring strangers together during any situation at any given time.

Casting Call Details:

Saturday, July 21st from 12:00pm to 3:00pm

Star Factory Artist Development
13305 Capital St.
Oak Park, MI

Available Roles:

Main Characters

  • Dr. Steve Mitchell: (male, 30s or 40s, any ethnicity) The interviewer of the story. He’s the one who discusses love with the couples who experience it at first sight, and finds out how the emotions come to pass.

  • James Kent: (African American male, late 20s) Current basketball player for the Detroit Panthers from the PDL (Premier Basketball League). Hopes to try out for the Detroit Pistons someday. Also an assistant athletic trainer at Wayne State University. Very humorous and loves to joke around. Tends to be over-confident towards women.

  • Camille Davis: (African American female, late 20s) A slim & beautiful lawyer at the Michigan Supreme Court. Also extremely dedicated to fitness training as men have been constantly hitting on her. Like James, is also humorous, but displays an extremely romantic attraction upon meeting him. Must be physically flexible and can handle physical contact.

  • Michael Yancey: (African American male, 30s) A veteran worker for marketing company. Hoping to work his way up the company ladder and be his own boss. When meeting Angela, he senses a connection that leads to the two reading each others minds.

  • Angela Hawkins: (African American female, 30s) The newest employee at the marketing company who has been assigned to Michael’s team. Upon meeting Michael, she becomes intrigued by his personality and also senses the connection that leads to the two reading each other’s minds.

  • Carl Donaldson: (African American male, 40s) A detective who works undercover and has been on the force for over 15 years. Puts his job first before anything else. Once had a wife cheat on him and walked out on their marriage. Had gone 2 years without dating and let his pride stand in the way. That all changes when he first meets Joann Lucas.

  • Joann Lucas-Donaldson: (African American female, 40s) A night manager at a local gas station. A tough woman who’s been bored with her job for years and now seeking some excitement in her life before she in her own words, goes through “midlife crisis”. A single and lonely mother whose child is away at school. Upon meeting Detective Donaldson after a failed gun holdup, she develops an instant attraction towards him.

  • Gerald Adams: (African American male, 50s) A man who’s seen it all and lived through much of it all. A current schoolteacher at Wayne State University. Has been married twice with both resulting in divorce. At one point in his life, he had a distrust for women or their intentions. However, upon seeing Professor Louise LaSalle for the first time in the hallway, his feelings change and eventually, so does his life.

  • Louise Brown-Adams: (African or Caucasian American female, 50s) A woman who’s never been married or had children, but wants to start a family. Also a schoolteacher at Wayne State University. Enjoys her job, but had always desired someone to come home to. After meeting and dating Professor Dwayne Thompson for three years, her dreams finally come true as the two become husband and wife.

Supporting Characters

  • Dwuane Jones: (African American male, 20s or 30s) James’s best friend and teammate for the Detroit Panthers.

  • Terrell Swanson: (African American male, 20s or 30s) Another close friend and teammate of James. A very laid-back individual.

  • Kyle Jackson: (African American male, 20s or 30s) A maniac and sex freak. Also a friend and teammate of James.

  • Ryan Foster: (Caucasian American male, 20s or 30s) Basically your everyday employer, but viewed as a racial stereotype. Tends to act way too hip. Only cares for his company that he inherited from his late father. Referred to by Michael as “Mr. Moneybags”.

  • Betty Malone: (African American female, 20s or 30s) Joann’s top employee at the gas station. Very high-spirited, but gets scared real easily at the faintest sign of trouble.

  • Aaron Miles: (African or Caucasian American male, 40 & up) Janitor at Wayne St. University. A big gossiper. Always gets the scoop on what’s happening at Wayne St. Ends up being matchmaker for Dwayne and Rachel.

  • Julius Banks: (African American male, any race, 30 & up) An ice-cream truck driver. Neighbor and friend of Carl’s. Advises him about getting back to looking for a woman and seeking a true relationship.

  • Robber: (male, any race, 20 & up) Attempts to rob the gas station ran by Joann.

  • Extras: Many extras will be needed for restaurant, school, bar, & building office scenes. This will be updated as much as possible regarding changes that may occur.


These are not paid roles. We will provide food on set, film credit, and a free DVD copy of the film once it’s completed.

How To Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please notify us at and email your headshots and resume to:

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.