Lemon Crackers” Casting Call for Feature Length Film


If you believe that you are a promising actor with excellent comedic timing and expressive body language, this will be your opportunity to prove it. Looking for personable, funny males and females — late 20s / late 50s preferred, but all considered.

We are in preparations to film a full feature-length comedy based around a car dealership with a complete cast of misfits and screwballs. The script has been highly acclaimed by some of the best script advisors in Canada and Hollywood. This is your chance to prove your ability and land one of the following key roles.

Audition Details:

Auditions will be held on May 7th, 2011 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM in Sarnia, Ontario. (1 hour north of Detroit)

Best Western Guildwood Inn
1400 Venetian Blvd.
Point Edward, Ontario

Available Roles:

  • Bart: Car Dealership Owner – Caucasian male, loveable, baby-faced, 35 – 45 years old

  • Bart’s Wife: Caucasian female, flamboyant, nasty, 35 – 45 years old (Soap Opera Diva type)

  • Louise: Salesperson – Caucasian female, bipolar, 35 – 45 years old

  • Jimmy: Psychiatrist – Black male, handsome, womanizer (Chris Rock type)

  • Ruth: Antagonist – red-head or blond, Caucasian female, crusty, smokers cough and hack, bossy, 40-50 years old

  • Freddy: Security Guard – Caucasian male, wavering personality, 35 – 45 years old (Don Knotts type)

  • Beth: Salesperson – Caucasian female, deadpan, downtrodden, 30 – 40 years old

  • Bobby: Salesperson – Caucasian male, immature, fun-loving, 25 – 35 years old (Chris Farley type)

  • Bali: Thief – East Indian male, tall, lanky, uncoordinated, simple, 25 – 35 years old

  • Jody: Thief – Caucasian male, short, stocky, obnoxious, controlling, 25 – 40 years old (Joe Pesci type)

  • Sal: Salesperson – Mexican male or female, devious, slippery 35 – 45 years old (Cheech Marin type)

  • Clay: Caucasian male, good-looking, recovering addict, charismatic (Tom Cruise type)

  • Nora: German Caucasian female, blond, strong, unsympathetic, accent

  • Dr. Hung: Oriental male, aloof, unsympathetic (Bobby Lee Mad TV type)

  • 3 Carney-type Characters: Black male dwarf, Overweight female, Tale skinny male.


The film will be an independent, non-union with paid expenses, low wage and revenue sharing.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us by emailing yourentourageagency@gmail.com and send a copy of your resume and headshot to Dave Kuskoff at: huronshoresproductions@hotmail.ca