Casting Actors & Extras for Film

Now casting for M.J.McCoy’s film, “Joseph Berry”. Auditions will take place min January. Looking for local talent. Shooting in the metro Detroit area.


Joseph Berry masterfully captures and presents the gripping and intense tale, which seamlessly eaves elements relating to his disturbing correlation of genius and radically violent nature. This compounded by infidelity and psychotic instability. The Producers believe filming realistic situational content at existing locations will give the film an authentic texture and feel that is key to capturing this project’s likely demographic.

Available Roles:

  • Joseph Berry: Sociopath, African American male age 25-35
  • Detective Anthony Griggs: Is casted to Mr. Michael Wright (the five heartbeats, sugar hill)
  • Sgt Darnell Griggs: Brother of Anthony, Police officer, African American male age 30-40
  • Pam: Girlfriend to Joseph, White female, age 20-25
  • Lil’Jay: Child of Joseph, African American male age 3-4
  • Bradley: Hostage, White male age 30-35
  • Sgt Krackowski: Police officer, white male smug attitude age 35-45
  • Captin Brewster: Police officer, white male, dangerous man. age 50ish
  • Ms. Jackson: Neighbor, African American female, 30-35
  • Deshaun Jackson: Neighbor, wanna be boss, African American male, 25-30
  • Store Owner: White male, 50′s
  • News Anchor: Male or female, any race, 30-45
  • News Reporter: Male or female, any race, 25-45
  • Extras: 10 uniform police officers and 10-15 gawker


Lead Roles are paid, & all receive IMDb credit

How to Apply:

If interested in participating in this production please notify us at 

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.