Casting Actors for Student Film

Casting for, “IMAEATCHU,” a short film about the needy and the greedy. If you’ve wondered if that homeless person you just gave some money to was a fraud, there may be a role for you. The casting call will be held on Friday, September 30th at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.

Casting Call Details:

Friday, September 30th, 2011 from 5:00pm to 9:00pm

Wayne State University (Old Main building, 4th floor studio)
Detroit, MI 48202

Available Roles:

  • GREG: A grungy and pessimistic, homeless Caucasian man in his forties trying to survive the city streets. His attitude toward being homeless feeds into the resentment he has towards his former GM boss, Francis. His constant complaining to his friend , Chris, and a sometimes surprising surge in confidence when faced with injustices is what holds his delicate mental state together. He’s angry, even vengeful. He blames Francis for his being homeless and walks around with a chip on his shoulder. The day he finds out that Ashland, a local “regular” on the streets, is running a homeless business, he questions the truth about those in need and those in greed. Ashland’s business has a string of people (homeless frauds), working for him. Greg faces his vulnerabilities and accepts that he truly may not know himself, let alone others.

  • CHRIS: Chris is a carefree, outspoken, African-American man in his thirties and best friend to Greg. He knows the ins and outs of living on the streets and helps Greg through his resentful moods. He speaks his mind, and is okay with being homeless. His tough-natured character comes to the surface when he’s irritated, but his quick-taking, sometimes theatrical personality cuts the tension. In a way, he protects Greg from himself. When they spot Ashland, Chris knows there was a previous altercation between the two at a soup kitchen, and his guard is up. He helps Greg ambush Ashland when they discover that his wheelchair is just part of his act, after stands up and folds it. Chris is somewhat of a know-it-all. But even a seasoned veteran can’t distinguish a real bum from a fake one.

  • CALVIN: A gritty and unkempt African-American man in his sixties. He’s the friend Chris and Greg can’t get rid of. He knows the hard facts about life on the streets, but his heavy drinking habit impedes his ability to dispense information with clarity. He loves to talk about his past relationships. He is at the same time a child and an adult. And while he tries to share his wisdom, his impulsive wants and desires discredit anything he says.

  • ASHLAND: The fraud. A small framed, balding, Caucasian man in his mid forties. He runs a homeless business out of the costume design building he manages. People who are interested come to him for the props (dirty, tattered clothing, crutches, etc), and they go out panhandling. A share of the money they make goes to Ashland. He’s snobby for a weakling. When confronted by Greg, he’s curious to see if Greg wants in on the business. He is, and always will be, fraudulent.

  • HOMELESS WOMAN: A sharp, outspoken, African-American homeless woman in her late thirties. She appears briefly, asking for money, food, etc. She is loud, and not afraid to get in people’s faces on the street.


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us at and email your head shot and resume to: