Folly Films Entertainment Casting Call

Folly Films Entertainment is casting 11 roles for the short thriller, “Happy Birthday”. Lead and supporting roles are available. The director, Mike N. Kelly, has had awards winning shorts locally and scripts have won awards in LA. Shooting is scheduled to take place in Ann Arbor on Saturdays and Sundays May 19 and 20th, and June 9th and 10th. These will be night shoots. Call time 5pm. Wrap 5am.

Available Roles:

  • David (a.k.a. Sadaat): Lead role. (Male, ages 31-40, open ethnicity)Good looking. Introverted, shy. In an unhappy marriage.
  • Crystal: Lead role. (Female, ages 31-40, open ethnicity) Trophy wife. Materialistic. Cheater.
  • Charles: (Male, ages 41-50, open ethnicity) Strong supporting. Successful business type. Well spoken. Composed. A player. snaky side.
  • Tony: Lead role. (Male, any age, open ethnicity) Fun, charismatic. Disabled/wheelchair.
  • Peggy: (Female, ages 41-50, open ethnicity) Troubled. Looks for guidance. Needs to stand up for herself.
  • Samantha: (Female, ages 25-30, open ethnicity) Call girl/stripper that comes to party. No nudity. No stripping. She is a wedge between husband and wife at party. Creates jealously. Age 20-30
  • Jim: (Male, ages 31-40, open ethnicity) Fun party-goer. Gossip.
  • Mandy: (Female, ages 31-40, open ethnicity) Jim’s girlfriend. Pretty.
  • Woman 1: (Female, ages 30-45, open ethnicity) Gossip. Bold. Flirt.
  • Woman 2: (Female, ages 30-45, open ethnicity)
  • Clarrisa: (Female, ages 41-50, open ethnicity) A psychic. Earthy. Grounded. Philosophical.


These roles will be unpaid. Meals with be provided all shoot days. Copy with be given along with film credit, and IMDB credit.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please notify us at and email your resume and headshot to Mike Kelly at:

NOTE: Please include the role(s) you are applying for in the subject line of your email.