Casting Lead, Supporting & Background Roles

The short film “Grasp” is casting actors and background talent for a summer shoot. Shooting is scheduled for June 24 – June 27 in Grand Rapids, MI. This is a project being produced as a part of the Masters program at Columbia University in New York City along with a lot of talented native Michigan crew. Auditions will be held by appointment only in Grand Rapids on May 17th, 2011.


Felicity is a heart surgeon that is unwilling to accept the loss of her deceased son, Benjamin. After a brief leave of absence, Felicity returns to the operating room determined to move forward. She is quickly forced to realize that until she mourns her loss, grief will only prolong her paralysis.

Available Roles:

  • Felicity: (Lead) 40-50. Caucasian Female. Trim to Average Build. Typically well kept, but worn by grief. Felicity is a heart surgeon that struggles to accept the loss of her deceased son, Benjamin. Feeling responsible for his death, she is unwilling to let go of her guilt and take the necessary steps to mourn. (Must have a strong background in Drama)

  • Darren: (Supporting) Mid-Late Teens. Caucasian Male. Mild-mannered and skinny with messy hair. Felicity’s neighbor and the best friend of her deceased son, Benjamin. (Dramatic background preferred)

  • James: (Supporting) 40-50. Male. Average/Fit build. Charming and Clean-cut. A surgeon friend and colleague of Felicity that attempts to help her. (Dramatic background preferred)

  • Benjamin: (Supporting) Mid-Late Teens. Caucasian Male. Skinny to average build. Innocent and Caring. Felicity’s son that is interested in photography.

  • Bullies: (Featured Background) Mid-Late Teens. Males. Average/Muscular build. Thug-like troublemakers that physically assault Darren after robbing him. (Fight training helpful, but not necessary)


Copy of final film & expenses for long-distance travel.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in scheduling an audition, please notify us at and email your head-shot & resume to: