Short Film

Project Description:

“Still” is the story of two high school friends, one who is imaginary. The two cope with adolescence and struggle to find identity in different ways amid death, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. 20 minutes; drama.

Principal Character Descriptions:

JEMINA (LEAD) – Late teens. Jemina is an imaginary friend, but more real than she seems. Mature, but confused and angry about her place in the world, she longs to be heard and to live more than just vicariously through Dimitri.

DIMITRI ARTHUR(LEAD) – Late teens. Dimitri is a high school student who has grown up under judgmental eyes, as he never outgrew his imaginary friend. Frustrated and sarcastic, he struggles to accept his social isolation and is, as a result, vulnerable to the influence of others.

VIOLET ARTHUR (SUPPORTING) – Late 30s/Early 40s. Dimitri’s mother. Compassionate, but heartbroken, she feels helpless for her son and spends most of her time trying to keep her family afloat despite being a widow.

ROBBY CELIS (SUPPORTING) – Late teens. Self-centered and manipulative, Robby becomes Dimitri’s first “real friend”, and puts him in positions he never thought he’d be in.

YOUNG JEMINA – Roughly 6 years old. Sweet, but quiet.

YOUNG DIMITRI – Roughly 6 years old. Loyal and imaginative.

TAYLOR MACAVOY (SUPPORTING) – Late teens. Robby’s wealthy and shallow friend.

JOEL (SUPPORTING) – Late 30s/Early 40s. Violet’s jealous and abusive husband and Dimitri’s stepfather.

*We are seeking people of various shapes/ethnicities for the remaining roles. Roles such as:

JAMES – Violet’s deceased 1st husband (photograph & voice recording only)

GIRL (Katrina) – Young and beautiful, becomes a victim of sexual assault

GIRL 2 – Katrina’s friend

Katrina’s other friends

Robby’s other friend

Partying students

Students at school


Audition Date: December 15th & 16th for principle and supporting roles.

If necessary, a second round of auditions will be held on January 5th and 7th.

*Skype auditions may be arranged for those unavailable on these dates*

Audition Times: Will be scheduled on an individual basis

Shoot Dates: February 2014

Location: Spring Lake and Allendale areas

Compensation: Talent will be receive IMDB credit and will be provided meals on set. Gas compensation negotiable.

Additional Personnel and Production Info:

Writer and Director: Jesse Routhier

Producer: Brian Gotberg

Director of Photography: Sean Mouton

Editor: Brad Stencil

Submission Instruction and address:

Please, notify us at and submit headshots and resumes electronically to