Casting for the Feature Film “Good”

Casting for the feature film “Good”, a contemporary, psychological thriller. The film will be shot in Hillsdale, MI in late April 2012, through Mid-July, weekend shoots. HD – RED One format will be used.


Daniel, a mysterious middle manager, takes four twenty-something’s hostage to create his own brand of entertainment. Revealing a world where employees have become property, Daniel’s plan goes awry and his captives turn on him, revealing weakness masked behind Daniel’s melodramatic, psychotic behavior.

Available Roles:

  • DANIEL BERING: Caucasian, 27-30, one-time office worker, now a ‘screener’ for a mysterious entertainment corporation. Narcissist, psychotic, megalomaniac. Intelligent, highly manipulative, quirky sophistication and sense of humor. (Role requires some sexual content, crotch grabbed by Adamantha, some fight stunt work, highly involved make-up for final scenes)

  • ADAMANTHA: Caucasian, 22-25, Daniel’s ‘assistant’, also ‘girlfriend’, relationship highly tenuous. Mathematically brilliant. Sadist, highly jealous, dependent upon Daniel, though also desires independence control. (Role requires some sexual content, grabs Daniel’s crotch, some fight stunt work)

  • RITA WIRT: Asian, 27-30, Rural Newspaper Business Manager. Recently laid-off, single mother. Highly independent, violent tendencies defend an innate hypersensitivity. Cool, calculating, decisive. Alpha captive.
    (Role requires some fight stunt work)

  • ROGER BEA: Latin American, 22-25, Rural Newspaper Designer. Recently laid-off, bisexual. Nurturer, casual sexual relationship with Rita. Upper middle class upbringing, looking to patriate to US. Strong potential for violence in defense. (Role requires some fight stunt work)

  • GEOFF DOENEL: Caucasian, 21-24, Rural Newspaper Reporter. Recently laid-off, in relationship with Lori. Spoiled, intelligent, not reflective. Middle class. Insecurity causes him to lash out, at heart, may not be a ‘good’ person. (Role requires some fight stunt work)

  • LORI HASTING: African American, 21-24, Rural Newspaper Reporter. Recently laidoff, plans to break up with Geoff. Military child, raised abroad. Self-sufficient, go-getter. Emotionally withdrawn, has difficulty expressing herself. (Role requires some special make-up work)

  • WILLIAM FIDGE: (limited role) African American, 20-22, Rural Newspaper Reporter. Recently laid off. Chooses not to participate, leaves before Daniel can lock him in with others. Reappears briefly at end of film.

Crew Positions:

Also looking for a few paid and non-paid crew positions. Production assistants, camera assistant and boom operator. Serious inquiries only please.


These are paid roles. SAG Ultra Low-budget agreement ($100/day plus SAG benefits). Non-union, $100/day. Copy, credit, meals, and some lodging available.

How to Apply:

If you are a match and interested in applying, please notify us at and submit headshots/resumes and a link to an online demo reel to:

NOTE: Please put the Film Title and the Character you are applying for in the subject line of your email. For example… “GOOD: (character you wish to read for)”. Director must see how you look on film prior to booking an audition. There will NOT be an open call. If you don’t have a demo reel online, send a clip no longer than 1 minute. We can not prescreen you without a clip. DO NOT email entire shorts or entire scenes. The submission deadline is November 30th, 2011.

Be sure your email address book is set to include our address as we try hard to get back to everyone who submits. If you don’t hear back from us, be sure to check your trash and spam files and set your filters. We look forward to receiving your materials.