“I Hate My Job” and “Checkbook Trust”


1-800-LAW-FIRM is casting actors for two 15 second commercials for Gas Station Television and the web. We are shooting Thursday, October 11th at 11:00am. The first location will be 26700 Lahser Road, Southfield, MI. The second Location is still being secured, but it will be nearby.

Available Roles:

  • Male or Female Role: (First location), 20-30, entrepreneur.
  • 1 Male Role: (second location), 30-50 years old, looks like a father.

NOTE: May be hiring one person to fill both roles.


$80 check received on location. If we find someone to play both roles, $140.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshot and resume to: mchilds@1800lawfirm.comand please notify us at YourEntourageAgency@gmail.com

NOTE: Due to the near shoot date, we will not be accepting any more resumes after Tuesday, October 9th. Shooting length is estimated at half an hour, with a cap at two hours. If you had sent in your resume for the previous casting call (Divorce Commercials) you are already in consideration.