The Story Behind the photoshoot

YEA Talent become the face of a new garment line called “Fusion”

By Kim Simpson


Designer Barbie Weisserman, had put together a new line of garments called “FUSION”.  Barbie would take perfect vintage designer wear and recreating it into a new garment of today, fusing the old and new together for a great new look!  The denim jean jackets were a big hit.  Our YEA Team and talent did the promotion photos for this new brand and the photos ended up hanging inside Twelve Oaks Mall and Great Lakes Crossing during the Christmas Holiday Season 2018!  The photo shoot was fun, the fashion show was awesome, and the promotional run of FUSION was a great success due to our models! Great job everyone!  Special thanks to photographer Rex Arisch for all the beautiful photos! 

Date: Oct 2018 & Mar 2019

Producer: Kimberly Simpson

Designer: Barbie Weisserman 

Photographer: Rex Arsich

YEA Talent: Angelica, Brooke, Easton, Lauren, Maggie, Marcell, Marleigh, Tenisa