Polishing Rocks Productions Casting

Polishing Rocks Productions in association with NYU Tisch Asia is casting actors for “Frankincense and Myrrh” a short graduate thesis film taking place in the Ann Arbor and surrounding metro areas from December 9th-18th, 2011.


It’s Christmas, 1980. Down and out working class guy, Archie Bemis, is navigating the waters of his recent divorce. Despite the fact that his ex-wife is on her way to Mexico with her fiancé, and that his two boys would much rather be going with her and their cool, new, dad-to-be, Archie is determined to pull through and redeem himself by giving his boys the best Christmas ever.

Available Roles:

  • Archie Bemis: Caucasian Male, mid to late thirties. Archie is tough but tender, unrefined, and slightly unkempt.

  • Ted Bemis: Caucasian Boy, nine to eleven years in appearance. Looks reflect both an awkwardness of preteen origin and a glimpse of an emerging troublemaker that manifests in teasing and sarcastic insults. (Parental contact required)

  • Jerry Bemis: Caucasian Boy, seven to ten years in appearance. Long hair with a bright and sweet demeanor. (Parental contact required)

  • Betsy Bemis: Caucasian Woman in her thirties. Archie’s ex-wife. Calm and businesslike without being mean. She is just beginning to see herself as attractive and is making the extra effort to show off her beauty.

  • Grandma Bemis: Caucasian Woman, sixties to seventies in age. A heavy smoker and drinker whose habits are beginning to show some strain on her appearance. She is friendly and means no harm in her teasing.

  • Aunt Gertie: Woman in her sixties or seventies. Thin and small, her personality is a bit of a mystery to those who know her.


Actors will be compensated for travel; daily meals provided on set. All actors will receive a finished copy of the film, film credit, and a small stipend upon wrap.

How to Apply:

To schedule an audition please notify us at YourEntourageAgency@gmail.com and email your resume and headshot to: polishingrocksproductions@gmail.com

NOTE: Please include the name of the character your are applying for in the subject line of your email.