Casting Lead and Supporting Roles

We are currently looking for actors to audition for a scene from a short film titled, “Fortuity”. The lead role is very dynamic! This person must be able to show a variety of emotion simultaneously and deliver their lines with confidence. Serious acting chops are a must! A casting call will be held on Saturday June 25th, 2011 from 9:00am – 4:00pm.

Scene Details:

Approximate run-time: 5:00 minutes
Content: Bad language, yes, however it’s tasteful and detrimental to the story and character’s development.
Location: Center stage of a vacant theatre

Available Roles:

  • Lead Male/Student: Mid 20’s, male, any ethnicity. A confident man in his mid twenties that you would meet at a university. For this scene, the character is a very likeable, smart man with solid comedic delivery. While maintaining these attributes, the audience is unable to determine if he is pure evil, or in fact “on to something” in his very dark, angry portion of his monologue.

  • MFA Department Head One: Looks 30’s+, male or female, any ethnicity. Genuine, to the point, nonchalant, oblivious to the content of the monologue.

  • MFA Department Head Two: Looks 30+, male or female, any ethnicity. The counterpart to the smug Dept Head 1. Serves as the subtle, yet effective, comic relief to content of the monologue that he clung onto with every word. He relieves the tension through his dialogue with Dept Head 1 as the scene comes to a close, which is soon fully reinstated as we fade to black.


For this scene we offer no compensation with the exception of lunch, however, this scene is going to be used for funding purposes to film the short, “Fortuity”. Our crew is professional and this is not a student production. This scene will be seen by our professional contacts in the industry in LA, Detroit, NY, Atlanta.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please notify us at and send any headshots, resumes and reels to:

NOTE: For those who are interested, you can request sides with lines and a brief scene description.