Sleep Tight Entertainment and Mark 7 Studios

"Figure" Feature Film

Sleep Tight Entertainment and Mark 7 Studios are now casting for the feature film, “Figure”. Filming will take place in Ann Arbor and Detroit. Auditions will he held later this month. The one liner roles will not require an audition.


A mysterious masked being dressed in white whose intent is to kill off numerous members of a community in a small town outside Milwaukee, WI. Focusing on a specific group of teenagers.

Available Roles:

  • John: Caucasian male around 10 or 11 any size, any shape.
  • Gina’s Father: Caucasian male early to mid 40’s any size, any shape.
  • Gina’s Sister: Caucasian female around 7 or 8 any size, any shape.
  • Vanessa’s Mother: Caucasian female late 30’s early 40’s small to medium build.
  • Mrs. Mitchel (Teacher): 40’s, 50’s, 60’s race open any size, any shape.
  • Brenda: Race and age open. Any size any shape.
  • Prison Guard: African-American male in his 20’s. Good physical shape.
  • Hospital Police Guard: Race open 20’s to early 30’s. Good phsical shape.
  • Party Girl: African-American female 20’s any size any shape.

NOTE: There are also several nurse, police officer, and people on street 1 line roles available. Race, age, size and shape open.


These are fully paid (scale) SAG positions so union talent will be considered first, but all are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please notify us at