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Saturday, Sept. 24th Auditions 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Sunday, Sept. 25th Call Backs only 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm


Pre-Audition Vocal Workshop

Wednesday, Sept. 21 | 7:00 – 10:00 pm

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Based on Sholom Aleichem’s Tevye and His Daughters, Fiddler on the Roof is the beloved story of the small, tradition-stepped town of Anatevka, Russia in 1905, where Jews and Rusians live in delicate balance. In the little village of Anatevka, Tevye, a poor dairyman, tries to instill in his five daughters the traditions of his tight-knit Jewish community in the face of changing social mores and the growing antiSemitism of Czarist Russia. This universal theme of tradition cuts across barriers of race, class, nationality and religion.

Character Descriptions and Requirements 

Tevye, the Dairyman: Age 35 – 60’s – Tevye is a likeable, hard-working, baritone/base, who sees the positive side of life. He has raised his five daughters according to the Scriptures, many of which he invents himself. He is humorous and relaxed, but when pushed, Tevye can show stubbornness, and at times, anger. He sings several numbers including “Tradition”, “If I Were A Rich Man”, “To Life”, “Sunrise, Sunset”, and “Do You Love Me?” Tevye carries a good portion of the show.Golde, Tevye’s wife: Middle age – Golde is the real strength behind Tevye, an alto, who keeps the household going. She is very concerned that her daughters make good matches and have easier lives than she and Tevye have had. Golde must be a strong singer with comic timing. She sings in”Tradition”, “Sunrise, Sunset”, “Do You Love Me”, and Anatevka”.Yente, the matchmaker: Yente is a middle-aged or older alto who matches up the young people of the village in the hopes that they will marry. She is the village busybody and a flare for an eastern Jewish accent is a plus. Comedy is her strength. She sings in “Tradition” and “Anatevka”.Lazar Wolf, the butcher: Lazar is the town’s wealthiest citizen and is the same age as Tevye, maybe even older. He wants to marry, by traditional parental arrangement, Tevye’s daughter, Tzeitel, promising to give her a good and secure life. This is a feisty, comedic role requiring an actor with good comic timing and a strong 2nd tenor or baritone voice. He sings in “To Life” as well as “Tradition” and “Anatevka.”

Tzeitel, the eldest daughter: Ages 18-30 – Tzeitel is the first daughter to marry and the first to challenge the traditions. She must be a capable dramatic actress and able to sing and move well. As a mezzo she sings in the trio, “Matchmaker” with her two sisters, as well as “Tradition” and “Anatevka”.

Motel, the Tailor: Ages 20-30 – Motel is a rather meek and miserably poor tailor who seeks the hand of Tevye’s eldest daughter, Tzeitel, and comes into his own in the process! This is a terrific character role needing a sensitive, nervous, but lovable portrayal. He sings in “Tradition” and “Anatevka” and has one blockbuster solo, “Miracle of Miracles”.

Hodel, the second eldest daughter: Ages 16-28 – Hodel becomes intrigued with the radical, young student, Perchik , and eventually leaves Anatevka to marry him in Siberia where he has been imprisoned for his reform activities. Hodel needs to move well, and sings “Tradition” “Matchmaker” “Sunrise, Sunset” and the haunting solo, “Far From the Home I Love.”.

Perchik, the student: Ages 20-30 – Perchik is a visitor to Anatevka, and therefore, an outsider, bringing with him radical new ideas that challenge the villagers’ traditions. He falls for Hodel, the second eldest daughter. The role of Perchik requires an actor capable of showing intensity and an unfailing commitment to his beliefs. Sings “Now I have Everything.”

Shprintze: Ages 8-14. Younger daughter of Tevye Bielke: Ages 8-14. Youngest daughter of Tevye

Chava, third eldest daughter: Ages 16-28 – Chava is the scholarly daughter who falls in love and runs off with Fyedka, a Russian soldier, which breaks her father’s heart. This role requires a capable dramatic actress who also sings “Matchmaker” “Sunrise, Sunset”. Ballet or dance background could be helpful.

Fyedka, a Russian soldier: Ages 20-30 – Fyedka, a strong young soldier, falls in love with Chava. He challenges Tevye’s imposed silence towards him. Fyedka sings in “To Life” and dances a short Russian dance with his fellow soldiers.

Grandma Tzeitel: Grandma Tzeitel is a ghost figure who appears in the Dream Scene and has a character solo, “Mazeltov”,”Mazeltov”, endorsing the marriage of Tzeitel with Motel, the tailor. This actress will also appear as a Villager.

Fruma-Sarah: Fruma-Sarah is also a ghost figure who appears in the Dream Scene. She portrays Lazar Wolf’s departed wife who becomes enraged that her husband plans on marrying Tzeitel. It is a showstopping scene requiring an excellent singer with a strong voice to sing a challenging solo, and the ability to scream loudly (without straining the throat!). This actress will also appear as a Villager.

The Constable: This Russian military official stationed near Anatevka, knows the villagers well, particularly Tevye. But these relationships don’t prevent him from carrying out violence. This nonsinging role requires a strong, impressive actor who can present this two-faced personality.

Avram: Middle age to older – The Bookseller -chorus

Mendel: Age 20-30 – The Rabbi’s son -chorus

Mordcha: – Middle age to older – The Innkeeper -chorus

Nachum: The Beggar – chorus Rabbi: Anatevka’s Jewish spiritual leader

Sasha: Age 20-30 – Fyedka’s friend-chorus

Shaindel: Age 40-60 – Motel’s mother-chorus

Yussel: A Hatter – male-chorus

Russian Soldiers: Ages 18-30 – chorus-dancers

The Bottle Dancers: We will need male dancers who are both athletic and musical, and are willing to put in the time to learn a tricky but very do-able Russian-style dance while balancing bottles in their hats. They will also portray Villagers and sing in “Tradition” and “Anatevka”.

Villagers: These chorus members will portray the people of the village as Mamas, Papas, Daughters, or Sons. They will perform in “Sunrise ,Sunset” “Tradition” and “Anatevka’


TO APPLY: Please notify kimbery.simpson@yeaagency.com and show up to the auditions