Casting Extras & Featured Extras

Casting extras for the feature film, “Misled”. Shooting is scheduled for November 2012 in Detroit, MI.


Two brothers from southwest Detroit struggle to improve their lives. Unable to afford college and faced with expulsion – and meanwhile supporting his mother – Jason turns to stripping which turns to prostitution, posing a huge dilemma since he has just begun the first true love relationship of his life. Bobby, fresh out of prison and owing convicts inside, turns right back to selling drugs but one misstep follows another and he’s soon in over his head with the local mafia. His attempts to draw Jason back into a life of crime fail. Jealous of Jason’s new relationship – and how their mother dotes on Jason while Bobby can never do right in her eyes – Bobby’s own drug habit spirals him down into a darker and darker place, exasperated by the re-emerging memory of the horrible childhood secret he shares with Jason.

Available Roles:

  • Extras: Many different looks and ages are needed for “extras” and “featured extras”. (Male and female, 18+ only at this time.)


These are not paid roles. Extras will receive copy and credit.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please notify us at and email your most recent headshot, body shot and resume to:

NOTE: Be sure to include the best phone number and email to be reached. Your pictures will go in front of the Director and the casting department and if interested they will contact you. Please only send your picture once.